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Internal ED&I partnerships

An overview of ED&I work around University, including APP, Civic University Agreement, University of Sanctuary, Reimagining Recruitment and other initiatives.

University of Sanctuary

In 2020, Bath became a University of Sanctuary for refugees and asylum seekers. More people than ever are forced to flee conflict and persecution to find safety and sanctuary. Find out how we're working to help refugees and asylum seekers.

Civic University Agreement

Back in January 2020 at an event at the Guildhall, the Vice-Chancellor stated publicly the University’s intention to develop a Civic University Agreement, a commitment outlining how the University will contribute to our local area and region. Since that event, we’ve seen some examples of just how we, as a University, can contribute to our locality with research, projects and initiatives run by staff and students in response to the COVID-19 emergency. You can find out more information and latest developments on Civic and Community Engagement blog.

Access and Participation Plan

Our APP set out how we intend to enhance access, student success and progression for under-represented and disadvantaged groups.


The University of Bath Interfaith Forum (UBIF) aims to encourage mutual faith sharing and learning. Find out about our events and publications.

Ambassadors for autism

In 2019, service providers took part in a workshop to create evidence-based adaptations to improve their communication with autistic people. Ambassadors work with Centre for Applied Autism Research (CAAR) to create their evidence-based adaptations and receive a certificate once these are implemented. Ambassadors also provide ongoing feedback about the impact of the adaptations on their services and encourage service users to feed back on their experiences. Find out more about the project and the list of ambassadors on Adapting services for autistic service users webpage.

Reimagining Recruitment

RR team are conducting a programme of research into the experiences and attitudes of early career academics and their potential future employers, leading to evidence-based policy change recommendations. Find out more about the project and latest news on their website.

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