University of Bath

Reimagining Recruitment

Driving culture change surrounding academic recruitment, especially at early career stages.

Students and staff working on a project
Collaborative incubators will involve groups of participants working together in an inclusive environment.

We are conducting a programme of research into the experiences and attitudes of early career academics and their potential future employers, leading to evidence-based policy change recommendations.

The research will be embedded within, and disseminated through, the centrepiece activity: an innovative programme of collaborative incubator events.

Incubators will be domain-specific and run by experts in that field, attended by academics at all career stages who will formulate and/or solve interesting problems.

Find out more about our first trailblazor incubator Probability meets biology.

Trailblazer incubators

23 APR 2019  to  3 MAY 2019 £33,000

Initially two "trailblazer" incubators will be run by the University of Bath as a proof of concept. These will be in the areas of Photonics and Probability – reflecting the expertise of the project team and building on doctoral training activities within the University.

Incubator 1: Probability meets biology, 29 April - 3 May 2019, Bath

Partner-led incubators

1 JUN 2019  to  31 MAR 2020 £198,000

12 incubators will be run by partner institutions, including current and future EPSRC Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs), and supported by the project team.

Open call

1 APR 2020  to  31 DEC 2020 £99,000

There will be an open call for applications to run six more collaborative incubators.


  • Tim Rogers (Programme director)
  • Leda Blackwood (Research lead)
  • Julie Barnett (Policy lead)
  • Matt Roberts (Incubator champion, academic)
  • Susie Douglas (Incubator champion, partner liason)