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We aim to make the process of leaving our employment as smooth as possible.

Resigning from your job

If you are resigning from your job you need to do the following:

  • speak to your line manager about your intention to resign
  • check what contractual notice you are required to give us
  • agree with your line manager your last working day at the University
  • check your annual leave entitlement: as far as possible you should ensure that all outstanding leave is taken before you leave the University. If no details on outstanding leave are stated in your email, letter or on the Employee Leaver Form, we will assume you have taken it prior to leaving
  • confirm all of this in writing (using either the Employee Leaver Form, or a letter or email confirming the same information) as soon as possible. You must copy your email or letter to the relevant HR Administrator (Operations). Academic staff should copy their email or letter to the Director of Human Resources
  • check your address and update it if necessary using Employee Self Service. Payroll will send your P45 to your home address
  • take copies of your electronic payslips using Employee Self Service, as you will not be able to access these after your leaving date
  • please complete an exit questionnaire. Your views on working for the University and your reasons for leaving are very important to us. We will hold confidentially all information that you provide. Your line manager may also request to have an exit interview or discussion with you − it's up to you whether you wish to participate or not
  • return to your line manager any University property such as laptop, mobile phone or clothing

Once Human Resources have received your email or letter and Employee Leaver Form, we will send you an email to confirm this.

Your manager is responsible for guiding you through the leaving process.

Retiring from the University

If you are retiring from the University, you need to follow all of the stages in the resigning section.

In addition, if you are considering retirement and are a member of an occupational pension scheme, contact the Pensions Office at least eight to ten weeks before you intend to retire from the University. This will allow the Pensions Office time to discuss your options with you, and undertake a benefits forecast if you wish.

If you are a member of either the USS or LGPS pension schemes, there is also opportunity to take flexible retirement.

You may also wish to take advantage of one of our courses in planning for retirement.

Managers' responsibilities

If a member of your team is leaving you need to:

  • ask for confirmation in writing of your employee's intention to resign or retire (using the Employee Leaver Form on its own, or with a letter or email)
  • check that sufficient notice is being given in line with the contractual notice periods
  • agree your employee's last working day at the University
  • check and agree their annual leave entitlement: you may find it useful to use the holiday calculator to help with this
  • complete the Employee Leaver Form and return it to your HR Administrator (Operations) as soon as possible
  • arrange for your employee to return all University property, including security passes, keys and phones. You may also need to remove their name from any authorised signatory list and replace them with a new authoriser on systems, such as Agresso and iTrent

Use our managers' checklist to help you keep track of your responsibilities.

Recruiting to a vacancy

Do you need to recruit a new member of your team?

Start planning your recruitment needs as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, use Manager Self Service to ensure that all reportees are assigned to a temporary nominated manager so that annual leave and sickness records can be maintained.

Redundancy and redeployment

If you are leaving due to redundancy, please refer to our redundancy procedure.

End of fixed-term contract

If you are employed on a fixed-term contract which is ending, please refer to our end of fixed-term contract process.

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