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Logging onto Pure for the first time

Steps to take when logging onto Pure for the first time.

Logging onto Pure

Log onto Pure using your usual BUCS username and password.

Setting up your email preferences

Pure can notify you about certain actions, for example, when your name is added to a publication. You can choose how frequently Pure notifies you about such events. When you first log in you will see a message asking you how frequently you wish to receive emails from Pure.

You can change your email settings later by clicking on your username at the top right of the screen and selecting ‘E-mail settings’. Remember to click ‘Save’ if you make any changes.

You can also view your messages in the section ‘Notifications’ on the right side of the screen.

Viewing your profile

Next, you will see your ‘Personal overview’ in Pure. The amount of information available will depend upon your allocated roles.

Most users will only have a 'Personal' tab, allowing them to enter and edit their own content. However, some users will also have an ‘Editor’ tab giving them access to, for example, their department's content.

If you have any questions about roles contact

You will find that your profile already contains some data. This is because Pure automatically brings in information on a daily basis from four other University databases:

  • Agresso: your research applications and awards
  • SAMIS: your postgraduate research students
  • iTrent: your University of Bath work history
  • Research Data Archive: your datasets

Your profile may also be populated with:

  • publication records from online databases, including Web of Science and Scopus
  • press clippings entered by the Press Team

Check that your data from these systems are correct and complete. If you spot any errors or omissions email and we will make the changes in the underlying systems.

Pure user guides

See other Pure user guides.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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