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Personal tutoring

What to expect from personal tutoring in 2021/22 as a new or returning taught student

Personal tutoring

When you join the University, you are assigned a Personal Tutor, who will support you in your academic progress and personal development. This might include:

  • discussing with you matters like programme choices, placement opportunities and future career plans

  • providing you with a reference for your placement or career

  • guiding you to sources of help with any personal matters or situations involving your welfare

We have put in place the following arrangements to support you during the 2021/22 academic year:

  • If you are a new student (UG and PGT), your Personal Tutor will arrange to meet with you during induction week or the first week of teaching (in-person or via Teams), and on at least two more occasions during your first semester
  • If you are a returning student, your Personal Tutor will arrange to meet with you during the first two weeks of Semester 1 and will offer you the opportunity for a meeting towards the end of Semester 1, if you would like one

  • All taught students will be offered at least one meeting per semester on an ongoing basis. This includes those away on placement or study year abroad.

Your Personal Tutor might meet with you in a group with other students (in-person or via Teams), but should also offer you the opportunity to book a one-to-one meeting.

If you have not heard from, or find you want to change your Personal Tutor, contact your Director of Studies to discuss it further.

If you would like support and guidance on welfare matters, you may find it helpful to contact Student Services.

If you are going to have a tutorial meeting on Teams, more information on using Teams is available.