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Quality in Student Information and Support

The University’s approach to ensuring each student receives appropriate information, support and guidance.


The University is committed to supporting students and encouraging the overall their development in order to help them succeed now and in their future careers. It is also committed to providing good quality information on all aspects of its provision to students before and during their studies. Equally, it recognises the diversity of its student body with a range of different needs and this is reflected in the University's provision.

This guide is part of the University's overall approach to Quality Management.

Student induction

The University expects all departments, in conjunction with central Professional Services, to provide their students with an induction programme. This programme supports students transitioning into this next stage of education.

Further information on the expectations for induction, including academic induction are detailed in QA38 Induction of Students.

Personal Tutor support

Personal tutors provide students with a personalised point of contact with the University throughout their studies. All students are assigned a personal tutor who is a member of academic staff (in the case of distance learning programmes, other means of support might be provided).

The key principles and expectations of personal tutoring are set out in QA33 Personal Tutoring.

Partner programme arrangements

For licensed and validated programmes delivered at a partner organisation, QA33 procedures can vary under the terms of a Partnership Agreement.

Programme Handbooks and Specifications

Programme Handbooks

During a student’s time studying at the University, a Programme Handbook is a primary source of information. All taught students receive a Programme Handbook, containing information on the programme, key University Regulations, and the services available to students.

For details of the format and mandatory content included in Programme Handbooks, see QA44 Programme Handbooks and Programme Specifications.

Programme Specifications

These documents provide a definitive, cohort-based, description of a programme of study. They are updated annually.

For details of the format and mandatory content included in programme specifications, see QA44 Programme Handbooks and Programme Specifications.

Sources of further guidance

If you are a student and require a copy of your Programme Handbook or Programme Specification, please contact your Department.

Doctoral (research) programmes, including PhDs

The information and support provided to Doctoral students is detailed in QA7 Research Degrees.

International students

In addition to the other Code of Practice statements listed above, QA31 Support of International Students details further guidance and support expectations in relation to international students.

Placement support and guidance

Many students at the University elect to undertake a placement during their studies. The University has in place mechanisms and processes to evaluate and monitor provision at placement providers, and ensure that students are supported appropriately before, during, and after their placement.

QA6 Placement Learning details the support expected for students, staff and providers.

Overseas student exchanges

Student exchanges provide students with an opportunity to experience the language and culture of another country whilst continuing their studies. It involves a reciprocal arrangement with an overseas institution of similar standing to the University where students study for one or two semesters at the host institution, and it students spend one or two semesters in Bath.

QA37 Student Exchange Arrangements details the support and information expected for students undertaking an overseas exchange.

Distance and online learning programmes

Distance and online learning gives students who are not able to attend a programme on campus the opportunity to study with the University. It delivers a number of programmes remotely, and the University aims to provide the same equability of provision for remotely delivered programmes as those delivered on campus.

QA41 Distance Learning Provision provides further details on the support for students undertaking distance learning. It also covers arrangements for distance and online learning students whose workplace provides some of the learning opportunities of the programme (also known as work-based learners).

Careers guidance and support

All staff involved in supporting careers guidance and development of students are expected to follow principles set out in QA55 Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance.

The Careers Service is responsible for providing specialist careers advice.

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