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University of Bath

Request a University funded device

As a member of staff, you may be able to request a device for work use. Please refer to your department finance team regarding funding advice.

Person using a laptop
Come and see us on level 2 of the Library for advice

Contact your IT supporter with your requirements

You can purchase IT and AV hardware from a University contracted supplier. Contact your IT supporter to request a desktop/laptop or tablet and your AV supporter to request AV equipment .

Please include as much detail as possible in your request so that the supporter can best advise you, including:

  • technical specification requirements
  • what general tasks you will be doing with the device
  • what software you will need installed

You can also visit us at the IT Shop where we have a variety of demo devices from our contracted suppliers.

Requesting devices from other suppliers

In some circumstances, where there is a specific need, requests for devices from other IT suppliers may be considered.

  • You should fill out an ITPAR form to request such items. The form must be completed with a strong business case for the alternative hardware.
  • Your request will be considered by the Assistant Director of User Services, DD&T once you have returned the form to us.

Please contact us for guidance.

See the Procurement policy (2.1 - IT Purchasing) for more details. Any cost incurred by an individual outside of this policy will not be reimbursed by the University.