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Review the visibility of your online Microsoft files and content

Regularly review what files and content you’re sharing, and amend your sharing permissions if needed.

How you’ve set up your Microsoft Teams or Office 365 Group will determine who has automatic visibility of the files and content within it.

The default University setting is ‘private’, which means that, unless you have changed the settings, your files and content will only be visible to the people you have shared files with, or added as members.

If the settings are changed to ‘public’, your files and content will automatically be available to everyone within the University. Microsoft may then surface this content to individuals (in several places) as ‘recommended’ content.

Run a report to review who you are sharing content with

It can be difficult to keep track of who you have shared files with, so Microsoft offers functionality that allows you to run a report that summarises who can access your content.

The report can be run for both:

  • SharePoint, the underpinning storage/back-end of your Teams site.
  • OneDrive, your personal storage area.

It’s recommended that you run the report regularly to help you review and manage your sharing permissions.

View the guidance from Microsoft on how to run a report on sharing.

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