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SAMBa students starting in 2021

PhD students who started at the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Statistical Applied Mathematics (SAMBa) in 2021.

New SAMBa students in a group standing on some steps with staff.
SAMBa students starting in 2021

Cohort 8

Wilfred Armfield

Wilfred graduated with an MMath from Cambridge University in 2021, where he took a variety of topics from mixing times of Markov chains to Astrostatistics. He wrote a final year essay on using the method of Stein discrepancies on heavy-tailed distributions but is hoping to pursue something probabilistic with more real-world applications. Outside of maths, Wilfred enjoys drumming, board games, films and shamelessly plugging his origami instagram channel @creaseistheword.

Pablo Arratia Lopez

Pablo graduated with an MSc from the University of Chile in 2020, where he studied the backward heat equation as a method to deblurring images obtained from a Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscope. Also, in the last year, he worked on an image registration problem for cardiovascular magnetic resonance images using Physics-Informed Neural Networks. His interests are inverse problems, PDE's, deep learning, and applying these topics to medical imaging. Outside of maths, Pablo enjoys playing the piano and playing football.

Guannan Chen

Guannan graduated from the University of Manchester in 2018 with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Statistics. Since she was in a joint program, she got another Bachelor’s degree in Statistics from Shandong University at the same time. Then she completed her MSc in Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing at the University of Oxford. Her Master's thesis modeled a decontamination process of chemical agents. She is looking forward to exploring various applied topics and learn some machine learning techniques in the SAMBa program. Aside from maths, she also enjoys baking, travelling and sewing. Lately, she is getting started with digital painting. She tells lame jokes sometimes.

João Luiz de Oliveira Madeira

João holds a Medical degree and a BSc in Computational and Applied Mathematics, both from the University of São Paulo, and a MASt in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge. At Cambridge, he focused on stochastic analysis and PDEs. In his essay, he studied the convergence of Markov processes related to different stochastic models which are usually employed to simulate recurrent reaction-diffusion systems in biology. Outside Maths and Biology, João enjoys reading, cooking and playing video-games.

Christian Jones

Christian graduated from the University of Bath in 2020. During his MMath degree, he focused on applied mathematics, developing interests in fluid dynamics and quantum mechanics. His final year project concerned rheology, in which he classified and appraised a range of models for viscoelastic fluids. In his spare time, Christian enjoys reading, video games, and playing tuba as part of a brass band.

Henry Lockyer

Henry graduated with an MMath from the University of Bath in 2021. Mathematically interests tend to lie in algebra and probability, with units on (Algebric) Topology, Random Graphs, Projective Spaces and Martingales being personal favourites. His final year project was on the underlying complex analysis behind Escher lithograph "Print Gallery". When he gets a break from Maths, he is an avid skier being a qualified instructor and having lived for 12 years in Switzerland, keen endurance walker having walked across Switzerland (200 miles 10 days) and round Jersey (50 miles 1 day) and general racket sports player (badminton, tennis, table tennis, etc...)

Cohort 8 continued

Adeeb Mahmood

Adeeb graduated from his bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Lancaster, mainly focusing on pure mathematics, in 2020. Then going to Nottingham to get a master's degree in Machine Learning. His academic interests mainly revolve around the more theoretical side of machine learning, combining his bachelors and masters. Outside of Maths, Adeeb enjoys competing in sports tournaments and playing most racket sports, in particular Table Tennis and Badminton.

Sinyoung Park

Sinyoung graduated from the University of Edinburgh with an MSc in Computational Applied Mathematics in 2020. During this time, she focused on applied mathematics and particularly in probability and statistics. Throughout her time at Edinburgh, she joined some projects, such as Mean Hitting Time and her dissertation was about the dynamics of social balance on random graphs. She is interested in Data Science and Problems with Climate change. Outside of Maths, Sinyoung enjoys cooking, travelling and some activities, swimming, and walking.

Mohammad Sadegh Salehi

Mohammad Sadegh graduated from the PSL- Dauphine university in 2021 with an MSc in Applied and Theoretical Mathematics after completing a BSc in Mathematics and Applications from the University of Tehran. After getting familiar with a variety of courses in fundamental aspects of mathematics, his main interest appeared in mathematical optimization and numerical analysis. During his MSc in Paris, he expanded his knowledge about PDEs and variational methods. His master's thesis was about alternating projection methods, some accelerations on them, and an algorithm for an optimal transport problem. Outside of mathematics, he loves watching and playing football, listening to music, singing Iranian music, watching movies, and drinking coffee. Moreover, he is into technology and likes the mathematical aspects of machine learning.

Aminat Yetunde Saula

Aminat completed her Bachelor's degree in Statistics at the Federal University of Technology, Akure in Nigeria. Her undergraduate dissertation was on statistical analysis on the survival rate of breast cancer patients. She was awarded a Master's degree in mathematical biology, ecology, and medicine by Heriot-Watt University in the year 2020. During her time there, she developed an interest in understanding the behaviour of cells and wrote her thesis on mathematical modelling of tumour-induced angiogenesis. In her spare time, she enjoys reading novels, watching football and medical tv shows.

Beth Stokes

Beth graduated with an MSci Mathematics degree from the University of Birmingham in 2021, where she developed a keen interest for mathematical biology and in particular, topics with interdisciplinary or real-world applications. As part of her final year project, she devised a new, agent-based model of collective motion, specifically designed to recreate the murmuration phenomena commonly observed in large flocks of starlings. The project's findings are now being used to support the development of a new radar system, enhancing its capabilities for recognising and tracking bird flocks. Outside of mathematics, Beth likes to spend her free time reading, baking, knitting, and going on long dog walks with her Border Terrier, Dexter.

SAMBa 2021 Aligned students

Melina Del Angel Martinez

Working on novel statistical analysis of physical activity data to create new models for predicting health risks and benefits. (Supervisors: Matthew Nunes and Professor Dylan Thompson).

Melina holds a BSc in Actuarial Sciences from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), and an MSc in Probability and Statistics from the Center for Research in Mathematics (CIMAT). Melina has five years of work experience focused on Statistics and before joining Bath she was working in PepsiCo as LATAM Principal Scientist in global R&D. In her Master’s thesis she modelled the ecological niche of succulent plants and found its relationship with aridity levels in the world by using statistical methods. Her thesis won the prize of the best Statistical thesis at Master’s level in the 2021 Mexican Statistical Forum. Outside of Statistics, Melina enjoys drawing and reading, and loves the Harry Potter books.

Ruchen Liu

Ruchen is working with Novartis on mathematical methods for differential privacy in clinical research. (Supervisors: Matthew Nunes and Sandipan Roy).

Ruchen graduated from Anhui University with a Bachelor in Economic Statistics in 2019 and completed his MSc in Statistics at the University of Leeds in 2020. His MSc dissertation focused on the comparison of MLE and Bayesian estimator. Besides maths, he enjoys all kinds of sports (including ping-pong, basketball and swimming, badminton and is always open to new sports), cooking, eating delicious food, sightseeing and all other beautiful aspects of life.

Xinle Tian

Working on the development of sparse statistical modelling techniques (Supervisors: Sandipan Roy and Matthew Nunes).

Xinle completed his undergraduate degree in Mathematics at the University of British Columbia and his Master's degree at the George Washington University in Statistics.