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Semester 1 Provisional Results

This guide explains the meaning of the word 'provisional' in relation to unit marks and grades.

What does provisional mean?

Simply put, provisional means that a unit mark and grade is not confirmed and could possibly change.

All individual assessment marks and unit results remain provisional until they have been confirmed by the Board of Studies (normally chaired by the Dean).

We release provisional results at the end of semester 1 to provide feedback on your performance to date. Having this feedback gives you time to seek support or advice about your studies should you need to.

Only at the end of a stage when progression or award decisions are made are unit results considered by a Board of Examiners for Programmes and then presented for agreement to a Board of Studies. It is at this point that a result becomes confirmed and may be subject to an academic appeal.

Great care is taken to ensure the marks and grades you receive are correct and provisional marks rarely change. If a provisional mark did change you would be informed of this by your department.

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