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Staff Recognition Awards - New Awards for 2020

Two new awards have been included this year to ensure we continue recognising excellence across all areas of the university.

Staff Recognition Awards 2020
Staff Recognition Awards 2020

Two new awards

The Staff Recognition Awards allow the University to formally acknowledge the hard work and dedication our Professional Services and Support Staff deliver on a daily basis. This year we have included two new awards.

The Staff Recognition Award – Manager / Leader of the Year

Although these awards are a great way for managers to reward the individuals and teams that work for them – it is also important to recognise your manager and their hard work.

This award honours the dedication of those at the heart of our departments where managers are; making a difference with outstanding people management, providing a positive contribution to the University’s success and championing individuals and teams by developing and encouraging staff to reach their full potential.

The Staff Recognition Award – Environment and Sustainability Ambassador

You may ask - what is an Environment and Sustainability Ambassador? Simply, being aware of how your choices affect the environment. This award is here to celebrate and promote those who are making more effort to live sustainably, examples can include;

  • changing the car for a bike… (or bus, or walking) - trying to reduce carbon footprint (personally or at work)
  • supporting any ‘clean up’ schemes reducing the overwhelming litter on streets, parks and woodlands or beaches
  • suggesting new ways to be green in the office referring to the three R’s; reducing, reusing or recycling
  • going (or gone) paper free and reducing waste

However big or small the effort is you can nominate an individual, or a team, and truly recognise their contribution to a greener future and more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Nominate today!

To find out more about the awards and how to nominate - Please click here for more details .

Entries close 5pm Friday 5th June 2020.


If you have any questions, please contact us.