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Student visa holder essential information

Please read all the information carefully, including linked pages, to make sure you understand your Student visa requirements.

Your responsibilities

As a Student visa holder, you are required to meet certain legal requirements. You are required to:

  • Ensure your visa remains valid to study at the University of Bath. This includes correcting your visa if there is an error on your BRP/e-Visa and replacing a lost BRP.
  • Provide the University with any documents we are required to have on your record. This can include your passport, copies of your immigration permission, academic qualifications and ATAS clearance (if required for your course).
  • Keep your contact details up to date on SAMIS (including your address and phone number).
  • Attend and engage with your studies. Please see the University’s academic and engagement monitoring policy for Student visa holders for more information.
  • Notify UKVI of any relevant changes (such as change of address).
  • Keep to the conditions of your Student visa including working conditions.

You should seek support if you make any changes to your studies, are having problems with your studies, or need advice about your visa or other matters.

UKVI reporting

The University of Bath is your Student visa sponsor under the Points Based System for Immigration. Our sponsor duties start when we issue you a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) and end when you complete your course, permanently leave the UK, or if we withdraw sponsorship of your visa.

As part of our duties as a Student visa sponsor licence holder the University is required to report to UKVI if you:

  • do not arrive as expected to start your studies
  • stop studying (including if you withdraw or suspend from your studies)
  • stop engaging with your studies
  • complete your course earlier than the course end date listed on your most recent CAS
  • breach the conditions of your Student visa (e.g. working over the permitted number of hours per week)
  • change to a different course
  • undertake a placement year (we provide UKVI with your placement details)

Reports that you have changed course and placement detail reports should not result in your current visa being cancelled. Any of the other above reports may lead to your Student visa being cancelled by UKVI.

After we have made the report to UKVI, we will always inform you by email and advise you of any impact to your Student visa.

Please see the Student Immigration Service terms and conditions for more information on our sponsor duties, policies and procedures.

Travelling to the UK with your Student visa

All visa holding students should carry the following documentation in their hand luggage when returning to the UK:

  • a passport or travel document, and visa
  • an up-to-date letter of registration confirming you're still a full-time student enrolled on a course at a recognised UK institution
  • evidence that you have enough money to support yourself and any dependants (such as your last three months' bank statements, or a letter from your sponsor confirming that they are continuing to sponsor you)

If asked, you will also have to satisfy the immigration officer that you intend to leave the UK at the end of your studies, or demonstrate that you are going to make a further immigration application.

If you are on a Student visa you should also carry your CAS number.

Please remember to carry your BRP with you when travelling abroad - you will need it to re-enter the UK.

If you intend to return to the UK on a Student visa after your course has finished, please seek advice from a Student Immigration Adviser by emailing

Visa cancellation and travel outside of the Common Travel Area

If your Student visa is cancelled or shortened and you leave the Common Travel Area (CTA) during the remaining time left on your visa, your visa will lapse. This means that if you leave the CTA and want to return again, you will need to secure an alternative visa. If you try to re-enter using your Student visa, you will be refused entry.


If you would like more information and advice not covered in this guide, please check the information on our web pages or contact us directly.

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