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Unit evaluations: Information for staff

Find details about this year's unit evaluations, setting up the survey, choosing questions, encouraging constructive feedback and sharing results with students.

Unit evaluations 2019/20

Each semester the University asks all students to complete unit evaluations about their course.

Subject to conformation by University Learning, Teaching and Quality committee on the morning of Tuesday 5 November 2019, Unit evaluations for the first and second semesters of the 2019/20 academic year will be open between the following dates:

Semester 1

Faculty/School/Centre Open date Close date
School of Management Thursday 28 November Thursday 9 January
ASC / Foreign Languages Centre Thursday 28 November Thursday 9 January
Faculty of Engineering & Design Friday 29 November Friday 10 January
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences Saturday 30 November Saturday 11 January
Faculty of Science Sunday 1 December Sunday 12 January

Semester 2

COVID-19 pandemic update

The University has made radical changes to learning, teaching and assessment of units given the shift of all delivery online; staff have made significant efforts at short notice to implement these changes and maintain high quality teaching provision. Some of the current questions asked are therefore less relevant, meaningful or useful as they would be under normal circumstances.

Therefore Senate , on Wednesday 22 April 2020, agreed some slight changes to the questions to be used for standard Semester Two (S2) and All Year (AY) Units during 2019/20. See the revised full list of core and discretionary questions for unit evaluations. Discussions will continue on whether or not changes to the other templates are required.

The revised scheduled of dates can be seen below:

Faculty/School/Centre Open date Close date
School of Management Thursday 23 April Thursday 7 May
Skills Centre inc FLC Thursday 23 April Thursday 7 May
Faculty of Engineering & Design Friday 24 April Friday 8 May
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences Saturday 25 April Saturday 9 May
Faculty of Science Sunday 26 April Sunday 10 May

Please help us to get a high response rate by encouraging your students to complete their unit evaluation. When surveys are open, please remind your students during teaching sessions, by email and via any other communication channels that you regularly use to contact students.

You can direct your students to our webpages for students about unit evaluations so that they can find information about completing the unit evaluation, giving constructive feedback, and how their data is anonymised, stored and used.

Please reassure students of the value of their feedback. This is their opportunity to provide anonymous feedback about programme curricula, teaching and assessment, and help feed into University strategy and ongoing enhancement of our learning and teaching.

Setting up a unit evaluation and choosing questions

The Unit Convenor can set up the unit evaluation by clicking on the Evaluation tab in SAMIS. Full instructions for setting up a unit evaluation can be found on the Centre for Learning & Teaching wiki.

Core questions have been agreed for all units (standard, distance learning placement, study abroad and combined placement and study abroad). In addition, two discretionary questions may be added to unit evaluation surveys (and up to four for distance learning units only). Departmental Learning & Teaching Quality Committees should decide which two discretionary questions are asked, and who has responsibility for selecting them, for example Unit Convenors or Directors of Study. If your DLTQC meeting does not fit the time period, please use Chair’s Actions following conversations with staff and students where appropriate.

See the full list of core and discretionary questions for unit evaluations.

Encouraging students to provide constructive feedback

Students can be reassured that their responses to unit evaluations will be anonymised.

Students are required to read and sign a statement confirming that they agree to provide constructive feedback before they can complete the evaluations and that it is in line with the Dignity and Respect Policy. This is to clarify to students what kind of feedback is appropriate, and help address staff concerns around unhelpful and offensive comments.

We would actively encourage you to report any offensive or discriminatory comments to both your Head of Department and to the Student Engagement team. We take this issue very seriously. We work with key staff from across the University to address both offensive comments and unconscious bias.

Seeing the results

Unit convenors and the unit evaluation creator have automatic access to reports detailing the results of their unit evaluation. Full details about how to access the unit evaluation reports can be found on the Centre for Learning & Teaching wiki.

Completion rates are given per unit, showing what percentage of students registered on the unit completed the evaluation. Results are automatically displayed as percentages, mode and median.

The Student Engagement team is working with the Business Intelligence team to make it easier for convenors to download and analyse their Unit Evaluation data.

All Unit Evaluation reporting data available to students, including scores for the teaching effectiveness question, will be automatically anonymised.

Feeding back to your students

Please ensure that unit evaluation reports are made available to your students. This enables students to find out about changes that have been made in response to their feedback.

Unit convenors should upload their completed reports to the relevant Moodle page for their programme within eight weeks of the close of the unit evaluation survey. These pages are linked to the central unit evaluation feedback webpage. This page acts as a single comprehensive source of information for students on how their feedback has influenced learning and teaching, curricula and assessment. If your page is not listed here, or has been changed or updated, please inform the Student Engagement team at

How the University uses student feedback

Data from unit evaluations is collated and anonymised. Data is shared with Staff Student Liaison Committees (SSLCs), teaching staff, Directors of Studies, academic departments, the University's Learning & Teaching Quality Commitee and other members of staff to help the University to continually develop and enhance learning and teaching, curricula and assessment.

Data from unit evaluations also helps to inform the Academic Staff Committee about probation and promotion of teaching staff.

Code of Practice

For further information about annual monitoring of units for all taught programmes of study, see the University's Code of Practice QA51.