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University Telephone Service

Get help and support with your telephone needs.

What is the Telephone Service

The University Telephone Service is provided by DDaT through Microsoft Teams. We provide the following services:

  • Teams to Teams calls (internal calling).
  • Calls to and from landlines and mobiles using Teams Calling (external calling).
  • International Calling (on request).
  • Personal or shared phone handsets.
  • Auto Attendant queues - allows you to set up menu options to route calls based on the input provided by the caller.
  • Charging, billing, and reports.
  • Telephone extension number allocation and changes.
  • Guidance and support.

Report a fault with the Telephone Service

If you are experiencing a fault or problem with the Telephone Service, you should:

  1. Check to ensure there isn’t a known issue that we are already working to resolve.
  2. Request help via the Self-Service Portal providing full details of the fault including the extension number, location, and a contact name.

Service costs

Line rental

  • Teams to Teams (internal) calls are free at the point of use.
  • For external calls to landlines and mobiles with Teams Calling enabled, an annual line rental charge of £100 applies. This will be recharged on a monthly basis.

Device options

Teams Calling offers a great deal of flexibility with many device options available. From Teams Certified Headsets and Desktop Speakers to Conference and Desk Phones as well as a range of meeting room systems. Visit Microsoft to browse Microsoft Teams devices.

You can also speak to your local DDaT Support Team for further advice and guidance on the best options. You can also contact the IT Purchasing Team for pricing and availability.

New requests or changes

Requesting a new Teams Calling setup

To request a new Teams Calling setup, i.e for a new member of staff, please complete our form via the Self-service Portal.

Cancelling a Teams Calling setup

When someone leaves the university, their Teams Calling telephone extension number will be automatically cancelled when their computer account is closed. However, if their account is extended or the person moves departments, you will need to contact us to cancel the extension or to update us.

We retain cancelled extension numbers in a pool of spare numbers and reissue them within 12-18 months. In the event that you need to retain a specific number, this can be requested when submitting a Teams Calling request for a new employee.

Requesting an Auto Attendant queue

Auto Attendant queues help control the flow of calls to a central contact number. Callers can select from menu options to connect with the right person or department. They can be directed to specific people, to a call queue, or to voicemail. Call routing options can be specified for business hours, out-of-hours, and holidays.

To request an Auto Attendant queue, please contact us via the Self-service Portal.

Updating Person Finder

The details shown in Person Finder are maintained locally, by departmental designated maintainers.

Guidance on managing your calls

Visit the Managing your calls guidance on the University of Bath – Learning Pathways website, for support with:

  • How to make a call, place a call on hold, transfer a call, add a colleague, view your call history, and access your voicemail
  • Call forwarding and call groups
  • Managing your call settings