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Your programme

Information about your 2021/22 taught programme, timetable, and learning.

Year dates and timetables

You can find a summary of key semester dates for the academic year 2021/22 online. You can use MyTimetable to view and customise your programme and unit timetable and download them to electronic calendars. You should check MyTimetable regularly.

Your learning

Your blended learning consists of a mixture of:

  • In-person scheduled activities on campus such as lectures or labs
  • Scheduled online activities such as Live Online Interactive Learning
  • Online learning activities and resources you engage with at your own pace
  • Independent study

In the context of blended learning, you may find that some terms we use to describe learning, teaching and assessment are unfamiliar to you. If you have specific questions, ask a member of staff. You can find out more about setting up your IT and taking steps to ensure you are set up for blended learning.

Your programme

You’ll find information about your programme and units for 2021/22 in the online Programme and Unit Catalogues.

You can find information about choosing option units online. If you want to discuss your option choices, please contact your Director of Studies.

Changes to programmes and units

Programmes and units may be subject to reasonable change.

Programme and unit changes are managed through formal University processes, to ensure that changes are academically appropriate, properly supported, and are made in a way that safeguards the interests of students.

How your programme and learning experience are enhanced

The University uses a number of mechanisms to ensure that programmes remain up-to-date, that any issues around them can be addressed, and improvements can be made.

Through programme review and monitoring, we aim to enhance your learning experience and maintain high academic standards and quality. This might include identifying any changes required to units and programmes. Programmes and units are monitored regularly, using evidence to establish what is working well and to identify any action that might need to be taken. Student feedback, including feedback given through student surveys, is taken into consideration and is a key part of the monitoring process.

Departments conduct periodic reviews of their programmes, which provide an opportunity for in-depth review and development, and involve input from students and external adviser(s) to the University.

External Examiner reports also feed into the programme monitoring and review process. You can find more information on the role of External Examiners for taught programmes in our assessment guidance for students.