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Audio Visual Terms and Conditions

What you should know when using the Audio Visual equipment.

Terms And Conditions

Approval date
23 May 2024
Approved by
Sanne Terry
Date of last review
23 May 2024
Date of next review
01 Jul 2024

The DD&T Audio Visual unit is centrally funded by the University. The AV service is free of charge to members of the University including all staff and to students in respect of their academic and research work.


Charges will be levied for events and requests where the end user/beneficiary is not a member of the University in accordance with the published AV charges list. For conferences or events which are organised by a department, member of staff or student, but where the users or delegates are not members of the University, the published charges apply. Where there is a mixture of internal and external attendees proportionate discounts may be applied at the AV Managers discretion.


Laptops are principally provided to loan to students to deliver presentations in lectures and seminars. They are loaned for the duration of the presentation and are not intended for preparation work or other general purposes. Laptops may be loaned for other purposes subject to availability and at the absolute discretion of the AV staff. Multiple laptops will not be loaned to single locations; such requests will be referred to a DD&T PC Lab.


Requests for recordings of lectures and meetings should be accompanied by the written agreement of the speakers who are to be recorded, including details of the uses which they permit can be made of the recording.
The organiser/requester of the recording will be responsible for ensuring that copyright law is complied with in respect of materials used in the recording, and that all attendees are made aware that a recording is to be made.

Exceptions to the free service:

  • AV reserves the right to apply charges in respect of overtime where staff are required to work outside of their normal hours; estimates of such costs will be provided at the time of the booking
  • up to 5 copies of recordings will be provided free of charge, but requests for multiple copies above that number will be charged at cost

Service Delivery

  • AV will accept requests for its services subject to its abilities to meet the demand
  • certain requests will be prioritised (for example Learning and Teaching), but normally requests will be on a first come first served basis
  • requests for copying and media transfers are subject to a standard 10 working day turnaround and allowance should be made for this when requesting such work

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