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Flexi-time: principles of the scheme and how it operates

Understand more about how you can use flexi-time.


Principles of the scheme

  1. Participation in any scheme adopted in a Department or Section is optional and you may elect to maintain your ‘normal’ working hours.

  2. Staff who, by the nature of their contract i.e. part-time hours, or those with working patterns or on shift patterns where they are required to undertake duties at a particular time, may be unable to benefit from the scheme.

  3. It is not a contractual right and can be reviewed at any time, including on an annual basis or when staff leave or join the department or University. It may be amended or withdrawn if there is a detrimental impact on the delivery of the service. If arrangements are changed these will be given in writing.

  4. It does not alter the existing definition of a working week, defined as 36.5 hours per week and it does not affect overtime working.

  5. In line with University policy, all staff working more than five sequential hours a day must take a minimum of half an hour break which is not counted within the flexi-time scheme (it is taken in staff’s ‘own time’). For young people under the age of 18 years, a minimum break of half an hour is required after four and half hours in accordance with the working time regulations.

  6. Hours must be recorded and approved in quarter of an hour segments.

  7. ‘Credit’ hours accrued as a result of the scheme must be taken as flexi leave.

  8. A maximum of one working day of ‘credit’ hours can be carried into the next four week period.

  9. Hours must be accrued in advance of taking flexi leave as there is no debit process.

  10. If you resign from the University, you are expected to clear any credit or debit flexi-time before leaving.

  11. Its success relies upon the trust between you and your manager and the individuals using the scheme.

How the scheme operates

Any request to take more than one hour of flexi-time in any one day should be agreed by your line manager in advance. You are encouraged to approach the rest of your team informally to discuss your request and operational needs before you consult your manager. You should be mindful of busy periods within the academic year and your department.

A request may be refused if minimum staffing levels cannot be maintained as this may cause undue pressure on the remainder of the team. Appropriate staffing levels will be determined by the Head of Department or Head of Professional Service.

Annual leave and then TOIL should always take priority over flexi-time.

If you wish to take a full working day off to use flexi-time accrued, you must make a request to your line manager normally not less than seven days in advance.

If you participate in the flexi scheme, you must keep a clear and accurate record of hours worked, including lunch break on a Flexi timesheet.

Flexi records should be reviewed by your line manager on a four weekly basis and a record should be kept for up to three months.

Time taken for medical or dental appointments is covered in the sickness absence policy.

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