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Hourly paid worker contracts

Understand the different hourly paid worker contracts available, with the exception of those who hold a Student/Tier 4 visa.


Hourly paid workers

This guidance applies to hourly paid workers with the exception of those who hold a Student/Tier 4 visa. There is a separate booking and payment process for all Student/Tier 4 visa holders, which they must follow in order to be paid. It is designed to protect them and the University from breaching their maximum weekly working hours, which would have extremely serious consequences for both.

If you are a Student/Tier 4 visa holder or are engaging a Student/Tier 4 student as an hourly paid worker, you must always follow the Student/Tier 4 Worker booking process.

If you need to engage an hourly paid worker, please make use of those already registered in your department by checking the hourly paid listing. You can search for candidates through the 'manager' or 'position' options.

If there are no suitable candidates available, you will need to request a new hourly paid worker.

Please note, a new hourly paid worker or variable hours teaching fellow cannot carry out or be paid for any work in the University until we have verified their right to work in the UK and they have a signed contract in place.

It's important that individuals are only engaged on an hourly paid basis where it is appropriate to do so. Read the guidance for more information.

Variable hours teaching fellows

Variable hours teaching fellows help support academic staff and contribute to the teaching activities across the university. Find out more about variable hours teaching fellows.

Getting paid as an hourly paid worker including variable hours teaching fellows

Hourly paid workers including variable hours teaching fellows must complete and submit timesheets in order to receive payment through the Payroll.

Read the timesheet guidance before submitting or authorising a timesheet for the first time.


Timesheets should be submitted online using your Employee Self Service (ESS) login against the relevant position. Read our guidance for more information on how to use e-timesheets.

If you are a Student/Tier 4 visa holder and have received a booking via the Student/Tier 4 booking system, you will receive an email containing your timesheet along with guidance on how to submit it.

In your first month, if you have returned your contract but your position title does not show in ESS, please use the blank timesheet template.

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