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Mandatory Training Governance

Information to help you understand the governance structure for Mandatory Training.


Requests for new training to be made mandatory

Any request for new training products to be made mandatory is agreed by the Staff Experience Board. A mandatory training business case will need to be submitted for approval. Please contact the HRMI team to obtain a copy of the questions that your Mandatory Training Business case must answer.

Changes to existing mandatory training

Any changes to existing mandatory training products or approaches must be approved by the Staff Experience Board. This will ensure that the overall impact on staff can be understood and tested to ensure that it is proportionate to the risk being managed.

Similarly, any discontinuation of products should also be brought to Staff Experience Board to be understood and noted.

Reviewing current mandatory training

Each mandatory training product should be reviewed bi-annually.  It is the responsibility of the risk owner associated to the training product to do this work and present their recommendations to the Staff Experience Board for approval. Please contact the HRMI team to obtain a copy of the template that should be used when completing the review.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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