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Previous TDF awards to support developments in learning and teaching

Find out about projects that staff and students have carried out to enhance learning and teaching. These may provide ideas to develop your own teaching.

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The following projects received funding from the University's Teaching Development Fund (TDF). Each project was carried out by staff and students and aimed to improve the student learning experience.

You may find that some of these projects have undertaken work in an area that could help you enhance your own teaching and learning. Please contact the individual project organisers to find out more.

2022/23 TDF Seed projects

2022/23 TDF Shape projects

2021/22 TDF Seed projects

2021/22 TDF Shape projects

2020/21 TDF projects

2019/20 TDF projects

2018/19 TDF projects

2017/18 TDF projects

  • Alumni inspired mentoring - Dr Steve Cayzer, Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Overcoming perfectionism: developing and testing an individualized psychoeducational intervention for first year undergraduates - Dr Thomas Curran, Department for Health, and Professor Martyn Standage, Department of Psychology

  • Student centred learning and curriculum transformation - Dr Sabina Gheduzzi, Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Grand Innovation Challenge - Dr Richard Burke, Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Transforming assessment and feedback using technology - Dr Momna Hejmadi, Department of Biology & Biochemistry

  • Development of an inter-disciplinary induction project "Global Challenges" - Elena Liquete, School of Management

  • Obstacles to academic writing: Experiences of in-sessional students - Dr Janina Iwaniec & Dr Jim McKinley, Department of Education

  • Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) for students in the Foreign Languages Centre to enhance language skills and intellectual awareness - Dr Daisy Zhu, Skills Centre, & Annika Theilgaard, SU Bath

  • Rewarding skills in practical labs - Dr Fiona Dickinson & Dr Stephen Bromfield, Department of Chemistry

  • Play2Pass - Dr Claire Wilson & Dr Stephen Flower, Department of Chemistry

  • Establishing a Coding Support Service - Dr Michael Wright & Dr Rachid Hourizi, Department of Computer Science

  • 21st century teaching labs - An integrated multimedia approach to improving student experience and demonstrator training - Dr Ana Lanham & Dr Chris Chuck, Department of Chemical Engineering

  • Building Architecture Student Resilience - A Staff and Student Toolkit - Abby Osborne, Student Services, & Daniel Wong, Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering

2016/17 TDF projects

  • COP21 implementation: linking teaching strengths across the university - Dr Emma Patterson, Department of Chemical Engineering

  • COBwEB: computer based examinations @ Bath - Prof Andrew Heath, Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering

  • Developing professional behaviours - Louise Oliver, Faculty of Science Placements Team

  • Bath automated marking project - Dr Julian Padget, Department of Computer Science

  • Maximising United Kingdom Engagement Survey (UKES) data to support the enhancement of the undergraduate student learning experience - Anthony Payne, Student Services

  • Final year undergraduate project allocation system - Dr Araxi Urrutia, Department of Biology & Biochemistry

  • Student Learning Associates 3 - Jenny Medland, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

  • Implementing and evaluating a web-based programme (Silvercloud) to improve student resilience and wellbeing - Charlotte Dack, Department of Psychology

  • Using live streaming and short video tutorials to enhance and extend mathematics and academic skills support - Cheryl Voake-Jones, MASH, & Miranda Armstrong, Skills Centre

  • Digital Skills Centre - Keith Brown, Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology

2015/16 TDF projects

  • Learning from Blogs: evaluating the learning and teaching benefits of using blogs in Higher Education – Dr Oliver Walton FHEA, Department of Social & Policy Sciences

  • Student Learning Associates (Year 2) - Charlie Slack & Mandy Wilson-Garner, Students’ Union

  • Evaluation of the PAL scheme for undergraduate pharmacy students – Dr Julie Letchford SFHEA, Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology; Oliver Schofield, Students’ Union; Dr Paul Shepherd SFHEA, Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering and Dr Anthony Bush, Department for Health

  • Supporting international student success through a peer led pre-induction – Nicola Peacock, Student Services and Gemma Ker-Bridges, School of Management

  • Enhancing learning and teaching by using social media and videoconferencing - Dr Wali Aslam FHEA, Department of Politics Languages & International Studies; Dr Robin Shields FHEA, School of Management; Dr Hannah Family FHEA, Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology; Dr Oliver Walton FHEA, Department of Social & Policy Sciences and Dr Danielle Wain, Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering

  • Induction & Continuing induction Moodle page and resources – Prof Gareth Price SFHEA, Department of Chemistry; Sarah Stead, Faculty of Engineering & Design; Jenny Medland, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences; Catherine Haines, Faculty of Science; Eliza Shaw and Laura Stubbs, School of Management

  • Pedagogies for promoting transcultural competencies – Dr Katie Dunworth SFHEA, and Dr Hugo Santiago Sanchez FHEA, Department of Education

  • Implementing Reasonable adjustments and inclusive teaching practices for disabled students in an academic context – Anthony Payne, Student Services

  • V-Labs – Dr Richard Burke FHEA, Department of Mechanical Engineering & Dr Biagio Forte, Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering

  • Sports Performance Mini Conference 2015/2016 – Eva Piatrikova and Dr Nick Willsmer, Department for Health

  • AniMechanics: animated resources for visualisation of mechanical systems – Prof Richie Gill, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Dr Ezio Preatoni FHEA, Department for Health

  • LITEbox: promoting learning and teaching technology developments for students and staff – Dr Jessica Francombe-Webb FHEA and Dr Emma Rich, Department for Health; Rob Hyde, Computing Services, Dr Kyriaki Anagnostopoulou,FHEA, LTEO; and Ed Stevens, Public Engagement Unit


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