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Research project management support: terms and conditions

The terms and conditions for researchers requesting research project management support.


  1. The Research Project Management Service (RPMS) offers project management support using PRINCE2 methodology and other methodologies.

  2. When applying for support from RPMS, you must follow the defined process for accessing support and complete the Project management request form part 1 (PMS1). You should complete PMS1 with appropriate input from Research Information Services (RIS) (usually the Head of RPMS or another member of RIS that you are working with to develop the bid proposal).

  3. All requests must be approved by the Head of RPMS who will enter them on to the RPMS resource planner.

  4. You should notify the Head of RPMS of the outcome of your funding proposal at the earliest opportunity.

  5. RPMS cannot guarantee that it will always be able to provide the resources requested, but when unable to do so we will endeavour to suggest alternative advice and options.

  6. RPMS reserves the right to suggest alternative resources depending on availability within the RPMS team.

  7. RPMS reserves the right to vary the services provided, but will always consult with the Principal Investigator (PI) before doing so and will always try to meet the best interests of the project.

  8. Any concerns from the PI or RPMS relating to project management performance or expectations for delivery of services must be referred to the Head of RPMS who will take all reasonable action to rectify issues. If issues cannot be resolved using reasonable efforts, both RPMS and the Principal Investigator have the right to terminate the provision of services.

  9. It is the responsibility of the PI to make sure that any third party contracts are compatible with the services being provided by Research Project Managers (RPMs) and with these terms and conditions. Any potential discrepancies must be discussed and, where relevant, agreed in writing with the Head of RPMS. The PI must provide RPMS with a fully executed copy of any third party contract.

  10. Unless otherwise agreed with the Head of RPMS, Grade 5 and 6 staff will normally have an associated Grade 7 or 8 manager allocated to them. This ensures adequate line management within RPMS.

  11. Unless otherwise agreed with the Head of RPMS, staff will not be allocated at less than 0.2 full-time equivalent (FTE). This allocation may vary if the role covers line management duties (see point 10), but will not be less than 0.05 FTE.

  12. When your funding is approved you must complete Project management request form part 2 (PMS2, Agreement of Support) confirming how you expect the project to be delivered. This form must be agreed between RPMS and the PI, and be signed by both parties before project work can begin.

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