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ResNet Terms & Conditions

What you should know when using the ResNet service.

Terms And Conditions

Use of ResNet is subject to the Digital Data & Technology Group Acceptable Use Policy.

Important Note: Where the above policy refers to restrictions on the use you may make of computers, it is referring to University-owned computers, and does not apply to privately-owned computers on ResNet other than as required by law. Where they refer to restrictions on services or network facilities (including email), they do apply to ResNet.

In addition to the above:

Regulations Specific to ResNet

  • users must not redistribute to others ResNet access or any other University resource supplied to them
  • users must not configure any device attached to ResNet with any IP address not specifically allocated to them
  • users must not connect any form of wireless access point to ResNet, nor configure any computer with wireless capability in such a way that ResNet may be accessed wirelessly, either by the user or anyone else
  • computers running NetBIOS protocols must be configured with the appropriate Computer name and Workgroup as specified in the ResNet instructions
  • users are responsible for the security of their own computers; the University will under no circumstances be liable for damage to equipment or data caused by lax security on users' machines
  • users must follow advice which may from time to time be issued by the ResNet Team to install certain security-related patches or upgrades; the University reserves the right to disconnect machines that it perceives to be causing a threat to the University network until presented with evidence that the situation has been rectified
  • computers running Microsoft Windows must have up-to-date anti-virus software installed at all times
  • computers connected to ResNet must not have network fileshares that are writeable without a password
  • the use of any type of port scanner will be regarded as an attempt to gain unauthorised access to machines, and responded to as such
  • the University reserves the right to suspend access to ResNet in cases of contravention of any of the regulations for use of the University systems, whether or not ResNet was used to perform such action
  • the University may incur charges for traffic traveling across certain networks; moderate use is permitted, but the University reserves the right to recover charges in cases where users persist in generating excessive chargeable network traffic after having been requested not to do so
  • in the case where ResNet is withdrawn from a user, either permanently or temporarily, due to breach of any of the regulations, no refunds will be made
  • moderate use of the network for recreational purposes is permitted, provided excessive network traffic does not result; the University reserves the right to place restrictions on such use, to protect the service for other users, and to impose sanctions if such restrictions are not adhered to
  • use of ResNet to download or distribute copyright material in breach of relevant licence conditions is strictly prohibited; disciplinary action may be taken if the University discovers such breaches have taken place
  • users are expected to read their University email regularly

ResNet Conditions of Service

  • it may not be possible to apply for the entire period required for ResNet service in one application or at one time
  • usually ResNet access will be enabled within an hour of the service being applied for, or on the day of activation if the application is made in advance (in a few unusual cases there may be a delay between applications being accepted and ResNet service being made available, depending on the requirements for patching); service is not guaranteed during the first week of each period defined above
  • ResNet access is a provision included within the accommodation fee. ResNet access may be denied if outstanding fees are due to the University; the University reserves the right to block access if the fees are not paid in a timely fashion
  • the provision of a particular bandwidth connection to the user does not constitute a guarantee of any minimum available bandwidth, however the University will endeavour to ensure reasonable bandwidth is available for academic use of the network
  • the University will endeavour to provide a continuous connection within the stated dates, but acceptance of these Terms & Conditions does not constitute a guarantee of continuous availability
  • the service may be unavailable for brief periods to allow network maintenance to be carried out; the ResNet Team will usually endeavour to give advance notice to those who will be affected
  • in the event of equipment failure interrupting service, the University will endeavour to rectify the problem as soon as possible; out of hours and during holiday periods there may be longer delays in the restoration of service
  • users will be held liable for damage to University equipment caused by the use of faulty or badly-maintained equipment
  • from time to time the University may run network scans to safeguard the security of the network
  • the ResNet Administrators may at any time email a user by means of their University account, requesting configuration corrections or technical information on the setup of a user's computer; failure to reply within a specified period may result in suspension of the user's ResNet connection (except where there is an immediate security threat, the specified period may not be less than 7 days)
  • the ResNet Administrators reserve the right not to answer support queries sent from a non-University mail account without good reason

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