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Statement of Authority, Purpose, Scope and Responsibilities

What are the responsibilities of the Digital, Data & Technology Group and the purpose and scope of its policies.



This statement intends to outline a standard framework applicable to all policies maintained by University of Bath's Digital, Data & Technology Group covering the use of University owned or licensed IT facilities and computer systems.


All users of computing facilities are bound by general law, DD&T's policies, University Regulations, together with any specific rules that the Director of DD&T may from time to time introduce which apply to specific IT and computing facilities.


It is the purpose of all DD&T policies to ensure a safe, reliable and fit for purpose computing and IT infrastructure which aligns with the University's main functions, namely that of being a centre of learning, encompassing teaching, research and training.


All DD&T policies are intended to outline the rules of conduct for all members of the University of Bath who access computer equipment and network resources as outlined above. The policies apply to the use of any IT facilities including hardware, software and networks, provided by the University and is applicable to all members of the University including staff, students, contractors, consultants, visitors and any other authorised users who may be either physically on-campus or accessing from remote locations. Only authorised users of the University computer systems are entitled to use computing facilities. All members of the University are entitled to use computing facilities at all times when the network is available. Such use is subject to compliance with the University Regulations, this and other related policies.


Computer facilities must not be misused within or outside the University. Everyone is expected at all times to conduct themselves in a responsible manner and to be considerate of other users' needs. Every user of computer systems has a duty to ensure they practice appropriate and proper use and must understand their responsibilities in this regard. Senior management of DD&T will be responsible for ensuring heads of Faculties, Departments, Schools, Centres and Units are aware of all relevant DD&T policies, their implications and the responsibilities of all users. DD&T are responsible for policies under their control. Within each Faculty, Department, School, Centre or Unit certain areas of IT and computer security will be delegated to local support. This will be with full cooperation and support from DD&T.

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