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WeChat guidance

Find out about our guidelines on how you should open a new WeChat account or set up a closed group on WeChat if you are a member of staff.


Requesting a University WeChat account or group

If you want to set up a WeChat account for your faculty or department, you must submit your request by following our guidance before creating the account.

If you want to set up a group located on the WeChat account you’ve set up and targeting specific audiences, for instance, PGT offer holders, you should also submit your request by following the same guidelines as opening a WeChat account before doing so.

You should use a University-owned mobile phone if you are setting up any new accounts or groups and comply with the University’s data protection guide and the Government’s Data Protection Act. There are implications of holding prospective students’ information if you access the account or group via your personal devices.

Creating a University WeChat account or group

If your request is approved, you can start creating an account or group.

1. Choosing the type of account

We don’t recommend setting up a personal account on behalf of the University, as you’re not able to verify it so users won’t know if it’s genuine or not. There are three types of WeChat business accounts: subscription account, service account and enterprise account. We recommend the subscription account if it will mainly be for marketing and student recruitment purpose. If your account or group isn’t for marketing or student recruitment purpose, please consult Digital Marketing and Communications for advice by emailing

2. Submit details of the account or group

You need to provide us with as many details as possible, such as the name of the account or group, name of the administrator, bio information, etc.

In the bio section of your group make sure you state the purpose of the group and the fact that we’re not responsible for the information posted by other members of that group. Official information about the University only comes from University group members only.

3. Inviting followers to a group

As the Administrator of a group, you should always check if the eligibility of the followers before inviting them. For example, if your WeChat group is for PGT offer holders, you need to work with Admissions to check their offer details to make sure whoever joins the group chat are ONLY offer holders.

Managing WeChat accounts or groups

It is important to follow our social media guidance and standards.

Be aware of potential reputational risks and be prepared to handle them. You must constantly monitor your group chat. You can request all members to only speak English but you still need to monitor what’s been said or discussed. You should have a plan if there’s any incorrect information being shared or anything inappropriate being said in the group.

Once a group is no longer needed you must delete it and inform the Social Media Manager, Tom Mason.

Other things to be aware

Please bear in mind that WeChat can and does censor messages.


If you have any questions, please contact us.