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Images of Research

Images of Research was an annual competition that challenged researchers to capture the impact of their research with just one image and a short description.

People walking around a gallery space
Images of Research entries were displayed in a public exhibition

Images of Research ran from 2009 to 2018. It invited researchers, from postgraduate level up, to submit images and descriptions that showcased how their research made a difference to society, economy, other research or global challenges. Images could take any form, including photos, drawings or digital creations. Descriptions were no more than 150 words and written in plain English.

Each year, entries were designed into A1 posters and exhibited at a variety of locations on and off campus. Prizes were awarded for ‘Best Image’, ‘Best Description’ and ‘Best Overall Entry’.

In 2018 a notebook was created to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Images of Research. The notebook showcases a selection of entries from recent years representing the diversity of research carried out across the University.

Download the notebook here

Images of Research on its 10th anniversary

2018 winners

View a gallery of all the shortlisted entries for the 2018 campaign.

Best overall entry

In this category, we were looking for entries where the description and image interact with each other to clearly communicate the relevance of the research to the public.

Winner: Group selfie by Mark Brosnan (Department of Psychology)

Group selfie

Highly commended: Where is my arm? by Monika Halicka (Department of Psychology)

Best Image

We were looking for images that really drew us in, enticed us to want to know more and were of high quality.

Winner: Cold hands, warm… gloves? by Jo Daniels (Department of Psychology)

Cold hands, warm… gloves?

Highly commended: Victims of English by Harry Kuchah (Department of Education)

Best Description

We were looking for descriptions in clear and non-technical English which gripped the reader and highlighted the relevance of the research.

Winner: Unleashing the human potential at work by Rweyemamu Ndibalema (School of Management)

Unleashing the human potential at work

Highly commended: My objects and me by Dr James Gregory (Department of Psychology)

The Edge Arts Prize

Winner: Linking minds with flooding by Niall McLoughlin (Department of Psychology)

Linking minds with flooding

Winners from previous years

View more galleries of previous shortlisted entries: