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Find out which visa type you need, how to apply and how our Student Immigration Service can help you with your visa questions.

Applying for your visa

You can find out more about how to apply for your visa, and the steps involved in the visa application process, in our guides.

Standard visitor visa

Find out how to apply for a Standard visitor visa if you are coming to study for a short period in the UK.

Starting your course and Student visa responsibilities

Read our guides to ensure you are fully prepared to start your course, and that you understand the University's responsibilities to you and the UK government, and your own responsibilities while studying in the UK on your visa.

Advice and guidance

Read our advice about common questions about the Student visa and EU Settlement Scheme. You can also find out how to get more guidance from our Student Immigration team.

Student visa errors

If you notice an error on your Student visa, such as an incorrect expiry date or wrong spelling of your name, you will need to get it corrected.

Visas for your family

Find out about if you are eligible to apply for the Dependant of a Student visa for your family, and what documents you need to provide with their application.

Working in the UK

Student visa holders at the University are often able to work while studying and after their studies. However, there are several rules and regulations that you must know about and follow if you wish to do this.

Graduate visa

Find out how to apply for the Graduate visa after you have successfully completed your studies.

Guidance on UK’s exit from EU

Find out how Britain's exit from the European Union could affect you.


Stay up-to-date on the latest visa and immigration news.

Information for staff

Find the information you need to help students and make sure the University remains UKVI compliant.

Student Immigration Service

We provide support to prospective and current international students, on all matters to do with student visas and immigration.