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Leave a gift in your Will


The University’s passion for support of students and world-class research is compelling. By leaving a gift in my Will I am able to ensure that future generations benefit from Bath’s excellence and that they will be as inspired as I was.

— Anthony Smith (BPharm Pharmacy 1983, PhD Pharmacy & Pharmacology 1987)


Leaving a gift in your Will is a valuable and personal way to support your University, and costs you absolutely nothing now. Anyone can make provision in their Will, and our sincerest thanks go to all those who have generously chosen to remember us in this way.

Are there tax benefits?

Yes. Any gift to charity (including the University) in your Will is tax-free. It is deducted before your estate is valued for tax purposes, so reduces the inheritance tax your beneficiaries pay. Some people choose to donate the value of their estate above the inheritance tax threshold – meaning that no inheritance tax at all is payable. If you leave 10 per cent or more of your estate to charities (including the University), your friends and family will also benefit from a 10 per cent IHT discount.

Should I tell the University about my gift?

You are not obliged to tell us that you have made provision for the University in your Will. However, if you do, we can ensure that you receive appropriate thanks as a member of our pledgers group, the 1966 Society. Simply contact Stephanie Lear, Head of Individual Philanthropy, to let us know about your gift.

Can I decide where my gift will be used?

Yes, of course. Your solicitor will help you draft appropriate wording. If you need information about areas you can support which is not provided on this website, please contact Stephanie Lear.

How do I leave a gift in my Will?

To make or amend your Will, please see your solicitor. You will need to include the percentage or amount you wish to give, and the University’s name and address (we are exempt from having a registered charity number). 

Thank you.