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Summer and Winter School

Tammy Bishop summarises her experience of the Summer School.

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Our Summer and Winter Schools are excellent opportunities for new and current postgraduate students to undertake intensive study and gain valuable academic qualifications.

At the Summer and Winter Schools you can:

  • exchange ideas with other educators from all around the world
  • meet staff and students from our department
  • enjoy the campus facilities
  • visit the world-renowned city of Bath

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Our next Summer School will take place between 27 June - 20 July 2018. Register your place.

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Elisa Strong

Head of the Early Years Department at the International School of London, Qatar
MA Education (part-time)


Elisa Strong

I have attended study centres and the summer school at the University of Bath and I’d say my experience has definitely met my expectations. I’m growing professionally and I’m learning so much; it’s very exciting. I feel my level of writing has improved and also my understanding of the world of education.

Being able to make new contacts and meet other teachers from different places around the world is really helpful because their experiences help me get a better understanding of international education.

It’s very helpful having classmates who are part of the same study centre and summer school as me because you’re able to hold each other accountable; are you working on this? What are your struggles? Being able to share with each other opinions and thoughts about our work, it’s very helpful.

A Masters qualification will help my career because I’ll have a better understanding about what international education is. I’ve learnt the complexity of what’s like to be an international student.