University of Bath

Getting exam results for your conditional undergraduate offer

If you have a conditional offer that depends on your exam results, find out what you need to do when your results come in.

Students celebrating their exam results.
A level results come out on 17 August 2017

Find out when you'll get your results

If you are taking A level, International Baccalaureate or SQA Higher exams, you can find your results day in the UCAS list of key dates.

If you are taking a different exam, you should check with your teacher or your awarding body to find out when you get your results.

Find out more about what to do on results day from UCAS.

Check if you need to send us your results

Some exam boards provide your results directly to UCAS, which passes them on to the University. This usually includes A level, BTEC and International Baccalaureate results. Once we receive your results from UCAS, we can make a decision about your conditional offer.

Your school or college will need to make sure permission for your results to be shared has been given to your exam boards

If your offer includes other qualifications, especially international qualifications, you might need to send them to us directly. You should do this by uploading your certificates to Application Tracker as soon as possible.

Find out if you need to send your results to us.

If you have met your offer

Check UCAS Track and Application Tracker for the latest information about your place.

If UCAS has sent us your results, we'll confirm your place through UCAS Track.

If you need to send your results directly to us, we'll confirm your place once we've received proof of your qualifications. We will normally require an official certificate in order to confirm your results.

Once we confirm your place, you don't need to do anything else in UCAS Track.

If Bath is your insurance offer

If you are accepted by your firm choice, your insurance offer from Bath will automatically be cancelled.

If you haven't met the terms of your firm offer, but you have met your insurance offer for Bath, you need to check whether your firm choice university has confirmed your place.

If your firm choice does not confirm your place, you will be able to take up your place at Bath. UCAS will confirm your place at Bath after your firm choice confirms that your application with them has been unsuccessful.

Find accommodation

Once we confirm your insurance place at Bath, you can apply for accommodation from 22 August 2017. We can't guarantee a place in University accommodation, but we can also help you find private housing.

If you're an international student

Once we confirm your place, you will probably need to apply for a student visa to study in the UK.

Your next step is to get a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number so you can apply for a visa. We will contact you directly regarding a CAS once your place has been confirmed. If you are under 18 when you start your course you will also need to return your signed parental and guardianship consent form.

Deferring your place until the next year

If you have met the conditions of your offer but don't want to start your course until the next academic year, you can request to defer your place.

You may not be able to defer your place, and we may ask you to reapply for the next year instead.

Email with:

  • your UCAS number
  • your name
  • the course you have a place on
  • the reasons why you want to defer

If you have not met your offer

Check UCAS Track and Application Tracker for the latest information about your place.

If you don't get the grades your offer requires, we may still confirm your place if you have narrowly missed your offer and there is still room on the course.

We will not know how many places are available until we have received results from all our offer-holders. This means we may not be able to make a decision on your application until A level results day (17 August 2017).

If you don't get a place at your firm or insurance university, you can try to find a place on another course through UCAS Clearing.

Remarks and appeals

Our deadline for considering remarks and appeals is 31 August 2017. We may consider remarks and appeals after this date, but if you are successful we may offer you a deferred place for the next academic year.

If you have requested a remark for your exams, you must email with:

  • your UCAS ID number
  • details of the subjects which you've requested a remark for
  • the grades you expect to get in these subjects

Once you notify us, we will contact you with instructions and guidance for what to do next.

What happens next

Your next step is to start preparing to come to Bath as a student.

We will contact you with information to help you with registration and induction from mid-August once your place is confirmed.