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Brexit, UK automotive and implications for industrial policy

IPR Research Seminar
Featuring Prof David Bailey

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No Utopian solution
for future funding

but partnership offers
a fighting chance

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Culture comes first: putting values at the centre of policy

IPR blog by
IPR Fellow Stephen Muers

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Global Policy Challenges

  • Changing Behaviour
    Changing Behaviour

    Understanding the sociological, psychological and economic nature of behaviour and behaviour change, and the technologies and processes by which behaviour can be influenced.

  • Developing the Public Good
    Developing the Public Good

    Scrutinising the evidence-base for policy and practice in order to enlarge the policy options under debate and contribute to widening public understanding of key policy issues.

  • Innovation, Growth and Inclusive Prosperity
    Innovation, Growth and Inclusive Prosperity

    Concerned with understanding the economic and social potential of new product and service developments, the entrepreneurial journey, determinants of new venture growth and the role of public and private finance in supporting innovation.

  • Resourcing the Future
    Resourcing the Future

    Concerned with overcoming the problems of scarcity, fragility and inequality.

Policy Fellowship Programme


The IPR Policy Fellowship Programme brings together senior policy makers and the University’s best academic talent.

Professional Doctorate

Professional Doctorate

For experienced policy professionals wanting to develop their policy analysis expertise without having to take a full career break.