Learning & Teaching Enhancement

LTEO staff directory

To phone from outside the University call +44 (0)1225 38 plus the extension number.

Learning & Teaching Enhancement Office

Name Title Email Phone Room
Gwen van der Velden Director, Learning & Teaching Enhancement g.m.vandervelden@bath.ac.uk 3775 WH 5.29
Sarah Hayward Executive Officer s.hayward@bath.ac.uk 4819 WH 5.27
Julie Robinson Office Manager j.robinson@bath.ac.uk 5023 WH 5.36
Nadine Grimmett PA to Director/Administrator to SLEQ and External Examiners n.grimmett@bath.ac.uk 6117 WH 5.27
Daniel White Finance & e-Learning Administrator


3982 WH 5.35

Academic Staff Development

Contact us for general academic staff development enquiries

Name Title Email Phone Room
Dr Helen King Head of Academic Staff Development h.king@bath.ac.uk 6933 WH 5.26
Dr Rachael Carkett Senior Academic Staff Developer r.a.j.carkett@bath.ac.uk 3746 WH 5.33
Dr Giles Martin Academic Staff Developer g.d.r.martin@bath.ac.uk 3236 WH 5.33
Dr Hazel Corradi Educational Project Officer bsphre@bath.ac.uk 4086 WH 5.25
Jane Tiley Programmes Administrator j.tiley@bath.ac.uk 4086 WH 5.25


Contact us for general e-learning enquiries including those relating to Moodle

Name Title Email Phone Room
Dr Kyriaki Anagnostopoulou Head of e-Learning k.anagnostopoulou@bath.ac.uk 5578 WH 5.38
Rachel Applegate Technology Enhanced Learning Support Officer (Faculty of Engineering & Design, Distance Learning) r.e.applegate@bath.ac.uk 4378 2E 2.9
Hittesh Ahuja Senior Educational Software and Systems Developer h.ahuja@bath.ac.uk 3576 WH 5.39
Sotiris Fanou Educational Software & Systems Developer Sf427@bath.ac.uk 3576 WH 5.39
Geraldine Jones e-Learning Development Officer (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences) g.m.jones@bath.ac.uk 4991 1WN 4.18
David James Learning Technologist (MOOCs) d.james@bath.ac.uk 3864 WH 5.35
Lisa McIver Moodle Operations Manager l.mciver@bath.ac.uk 5282 WH 5.37
Yvonne Moore Technology Enhanced Learning Development Officer (Faculty of Engineering & Design) y.moore@bath.ac.uk 5370 2E 2.9
Nitin Parmar Learning Technologist n.r.parmar@bath.ac.uk 4392 WH 5.28
Marie Salter e-Developments Manager m.salter@bath.ac.uk 6146 WH 5.37

Researcher Development Unit

Name Title Email Phone Room
Dr Jeanette Müller Staff Development Manager (Research and Enterprise) j.mueller@bath.ac.uk 5649 4W 2.6
Dr Neil Bannister Graduate Development & Centre Manager n.j.bannister@bath.ac.uk
3625 4W 2.6
James McCombe
Researcher Development Administrator j.a.mccombe@bath.ac.uk 4753 4W 2.6

Student Learning Experience and Quality

Contact us for general student learning experience and quality enquiries

Name Title Email Phone Room
Georgina Eggleston Head of Student Learning Experience and Quality (Acting)


5273 WH 5.40
Wendy Hopkins Quality Enhancement Officer w.hopkins@bath.ac.uk 3118 WH 5.41
vacancy Learning and Teaching Enhancement Officer   3574 WH 5.42
Shaun McGall Student Engagement and Quality Enhancement Officer s.a.mcgall@bath.ac.uk 3848 WH 5.42
Caroline McMurray Quality Enhancement Officer, Doctoral Studies c.a.mcmurray@bath.ac.uk 5258 WH 5.42
Sarah Ibbitson Quality Enhancement Officer s.m.ibbitson@bath.ac.uk 3491 WH 5.41
Catherine Harrison Quality & Academic Governance Officer c.p.harrison@bath.ac.uk 3373 WH 5.41

Academic Skills Centre

Contact us for general enquiries about the Academic Skills Centre

Name Title Email Phone Room
Magdalen Ward Goodbody Director m.m.ward-goodbody@bath.ac.uk 6191 WH 7.55
Joanna Nadin Royal Literary Fund Fellow
(Mondays/Tuesdays during term)
 writingcoach@bath.ac.uk 4562 L 4.5
Sarah Turpin Head of Academic Skills Resources s.turpin@bath.ac.uk 4355 WH 7.28
Dr Rachel Bentham Royal Literary Fund Fellow
(Wednesdays during term)
 writingcoach@bath.ac.uk 4562 L 4.5
Karen Spillard ASC Operations Manager k.spillard@bath.ac.uk 5948 WH 7.61
Emma Stagg Finance & AdmissionsOfficer e.stagg@bath.ac.uk 3024 WH 7.51
Lucy O'Driscoll Course Administrator l.o'driscoll@bath.ac.uk 3024 WH 7.51
Heather Brunt Admissions Officer h.brunt@bath.ac.uk
3024 WH 7.51
Carl Ellis PSP 1-3 Course Leader c.d.ellis@bath.ac.uk 6346 WH 7.63
Mary Forbes Head of Pre-sessional m.f.forbes@bath.ac.uk 3138 WH 7.32
Tom Reid In-sessional Course Leader t.g.reid@bath.ac.uk 3072 WH 7.52
Miranda Armstrong Head of In-sessional m.armstrong@bath.ac.uk 5122 WH 7.30
 Lisa Stagg  ELAC Course Leader  l.stagg@bath.ac.uk  3817 WH 7.31
Jackie Dannatt Writing Leader j.dannatt@bath.ac.uk 3139 WH 7.54
 Michael Groves  In-sessional Course Leader  m.groves@bath.ac.uk  3072 WH 7.52
Shelley Bromley IELTS Officer s.bromley@bath.ac.uk
Petra Pekova IELTS Officer p.pekova@bath.ac.uk    
Jenn Sheppard IELTS Administrator j.sheppard@bath.ac.uk 3409 WH 7.29
Heather Lord IELTS Administrative Assistant h.lord@bath.ac.uk 3409 WH 7.29
 Anastasia Bouhoutsos Pre-sessional Man 5 Course Leader  a.bouhoutsos@bath.ac.uk  3971 WH 7.35
Jo Lewis Pre-sessional Man 4 Course Leader j.lewis@bath.ac.uk 3971 WH 7.35
Thomas Rewhorn Pre-sessional Gen 5 Course Leader t.rewhorn@bath.ac.uk 6346 WH 7.61
Nathalie Vermeire Pre-sessional Gen 4 Course Leader n.vermeire@bath.ac.uk 3834 WH 7.57
Chang He Self Access Language Centre Manager c.he@bath.ac.uk 5765 L4.60
Tim Greeves Social Programme & Student Welfare Manager t.a.s.greeves@bath.ac.uk 3092 WH 7.33
Jonathan Stubbs Social Programme Administration Assistant j.stubbs@bath.ac.uk 3092 WH 7.33
Kevin Renfrew Technology Enhanced Learning & Digital Resource Development Officer k.c.j.renfrew@bath.ac.uk 3817 WH 7.31
Dawn Chalmers Core Teaching Fellow f.d.chalmers@bath.ac.uk 5393 WH 8.35
Diana Hopkins APCS Course Leader d.hopkins@bath.ac.uk 3139 WH 7.54
Grace Macmillan Core Teaching Fellow g.macmillan@bath.ac.uk
5393 WH 8.35
Helen Haynes Core Teaching Fellow h.green@bath.ac.uk
3024 WH 7.62
Jackie Browning Core Teaching Fellow j.browning@bath.ac.uk
5393 WH 8.35
Jane Singleton Core Teaching Fellow j.singleton@bath.ac.uk
3971 WH 7.35
Noreen Bannigan Core Teaching Fellow n.bannigan@bath.ac.uk 3024 WH 7.51
Jeremy Sanders Core Teaching Fellow j.c.p.sanders@bath.ac.uk
3024 WH 7.62
John Ramsay Core Teaching Fellow j.ramsay@bath.ac.uk 3024 WH 7.62
Kathy Dixon Core Teaching Fellow k.g.dixon@bath.ac.uk 5393 WH 8.35
Martin Griffiths Core Teaching Fellow m.f.a.griffiths@bath.ac.uk 3393 WH 8.35
Otter Baker Core Teaching Fellow o.s.baker@bath.ac.uk 3024 WH 7.62
Tim Francis Core Teaching Fellow t.j.francis@bath.ac.uk
3024 WH 7.62
Tim Ratcliffe PS 1-3 Course Leader t.ratcliffe@bath.ac.uk 3834 WH 7.57