Centre for Learning and Teaching

Student Barometer

The Student Barometer (SB) is a survey of students across the world at all levels of study (undergraduate, postgraduate taught and postgraduate research), administered by i-Gradaute. We have participated in the Student Barometer over many years.

It gives students (International and Home/EU) the chance to have their say about what they liked and did not like about the student experience, induction and Freshers Week, about their personal aspirations and career intentions. We highly value the opinions of our students, so this is an important event for us.

Student feedback from the survey is used to compile comparative data that:

  • allows the University of Bath to benchmark against other leading research-intensive institutions in the UK, Europe and the world
  • helps the University and the Students’ Union to facilitate best practice and enhance the student learning experience.

How do we use the results at the University of Bath?

The survey responses from our students help us find areas where the student learning experience and the overall student experience could be improved.  Every academic department works closely with is student Academic Reps from the Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC) to develop plans to improve the student experience.

The SB timetable

Each year the SB is launched in two waves (autumn and spring).  We work with the Students’ Union to agree the survey dates.  We are participating in the autumn wave 2012 and the approximate schedule is:

  • start date: mid-October 2012
  • close date: 7 December 2012

Exact dates for the next Student Barometer Survey are to be confirmed.

Maximising response rates

Weekly response rate figures are provided by i-Graduate that enable us to target our marketing and promotional activities to specific departments, and level of study to ensure they reach the thresholds for publication.

Encouraging student participation

In order to collect the most accurate data possible we want to encourage a high number of responses from our students. Historically, we have had a good response rate from International Students when this survey ran solely for them.

One of the ways we achieve this response rate is by developing an environment of open and honest feedback, and by highlighting the campaign with students.

We promote the SB to our student through a variety of institutional and Students’ Union events and promotions. If you would like to further raise the profile of the SB with the students in your department, we have a range of marketing materials available.

Feedback to students

Responding to student feedback is an effective way of encouraging participation in future surveys.  It is expected that the results of the SB will be fed back to the student body and their Staff Student Liaison Committee so that students can see that the University and the Students’ Union has been responsive to their feedback.

The QA Code of Practice on the Annual Monitoring of Units and Programmes (QA51) outlines how academic departments should respond to the data from SB.