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Research Grants & Contracts

Dr Alison Evans
Head of Research Grants & Contracts
Tel: +44 (0)1225 38 3350

Pre Award

Pre Award provides support for preparing research funding applications and for setting up awards.

To contact Pre Award please email:

Alternatively you can contact a member of the Pre Award team directly.

See our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for Contracts and Pre-Award. 

The Pre-Award Office endeavours to operate an open door policy between 9:30-16:00. It is advisable, however, to arrange for an appointment if you wish to speak to a specific member of the Pre Award team.   

Preparation of Proposals

RGC Pre Award staff advise academic staff on the preparation of research proposals with a particular focus on finance. They offer training on using the University's costing system (the University currently uses pFACT, however a new proposal to award management system will be implemented soon), and advise on compliance with internal and external procedures. All applications for external research funding are checked by Pre Award: most major funders now have electronic submission systems which route proposals via Pre Award for checking prior to submission. Please ensure you allow sufficient time for this process - at least five working days.

Acceptance of Research Awards

All research awards need to be sent to Pre Award staff so that terms and conditions of funding offers are checked prior to signature or formal acceptance on behalf of the University. Budgets and project codes are set up on the University’s Agresso finance system so that expenditure can be charged to the appropriate project. All applications and awards are recorded on Agresso and Pure by Research Information Management and form the basis of management information reports on research funding.

Research Contracts 

You will need a contract if you are working with external organisations to do your research (paid or unpaid), including other universities, businesses and government bodies. This includes KTPs, consultancy, TSB or European Commission collaborative R&D projects. Please contact the Research Commercialisation and Contracts team.