Become an Alumni Expert

What is Bath Connection?

Bath Connection is our secure online system to help Bath students and graduates to network for careers support. We have developed this service as a joint initiative with the Alumni Relations team.

Alumni Experts are Bath graduates who volunteer to join Bath Connection and to be contacted by current students and fellow graduates.

You are a valuable source of information - students really appreciate getting extra help from someone who's 'already been there'!

You can help current Bath students and graduates with their career planning, by telling them about:

  • what's involved in your job
  • what it's like working for your employer
  • your experience of the recruitment process
  • diversity issues.

You'll find it interesting talking to current students and will have the satisfaction of helping them with their next steps. You can be asked for help with quick questions or for more in-depth support.

Bath Connection includes hundreds of graduates working for a wide range of employers and in many types of role, from the high-profile to the more unusual.

How does it work?

You register your details, which students can then search. Students will log in and request to make contact with you via Bath Connection. If you accept a student's request you then choose how you want to be in touch.

How to join

Find out more and join Bath Connection.

Please also feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Bath Connection.

Thank you!

Already an Alumni Expert?

If you are already an Alumni Expert and would like to update your details, please log in and edit as required.

Just looking for support from fellow graduates?

That's fine - you can create a Student/Graduate profile and then search for interesting Alumni Experts, without becoming an Alumni Expert yourself. Find out more and join Bath Connection.

This is a really great way to get some extra insight from someone who has ‘been there already’. The Alumni Experts are ready to share their expertise and advice to help you succeed.