Dear student,

I want to send you my very best wishes during the assessment period.

Looking after your physical and mental wellbeing is always important, but especially now, so I want to remind you of the resources and guidance we’ve developed for you to use.

During assessments, please remember support is available including Read Well, a selection of over 50 books that can support your health and wellbeing, and Silvercloud, a free online platform with an imminent new module specifically to help in dealing with anxiety in relation to coronavirus.

If you’re feeling isolated, Student Services wellbeing advisors are always available to talk and help you find ways to ease this, and the SU has its Corona Community on Facebook for keeping in touch and sharing tips and ideas.

I’m aware of many students who have been financially affected by recent events, please remember the University Hardship Fund is available.

The new assessment methods have been designed to take account of the needs of our diverse range of students including those with Disability Action Plans. If you have any concerns, please raise these with you Director of Studies or the Disability Service.

Challenging household relationships can be exacerbated by the current restrictions. If you are feeling vulnerable, Student Services advisors are there for a confidential non-judgmental conversation and have access to accommodation and finance to alleviate the situation if needed. There is also a range of support and guidance offered by the University for staff and students.

For those of you in your final year, please remember the Careers Service is there for specialist advice and support on your next steps.

If you have experienced a bereavement, Wellbeing Support is available from Student Services and The SU’s Advice and Support Centre. There’s also a range of faith and spiritual support and The Chaplaincy staff are happy to talk with anyone who has been affected, in total confidence.

Cruse Bereavement Care offers free confidential support by telephone, email or face-to-face, with specific advice on coronavirus.

We are a diverse, international community and we welcome staff, students, and visitors from across the globe. We take all allegations of bullying, harassment and discrimination very seriously. If you witness or are the subject of this behaviour you are encouraged to report it to the University using our  Report and Support Tool. You can also contact the police either in person or by phone.

If you are concerned about another student, please contact the Wellbeing Service for advice.

Your care of each other through your volunteering or support of your friends and family has been inspiring. Please do make sure that in looking after others you also take time to look after yourselves, so that together we can come through this time as healthily and well as possible.


Dr Cassie Wilson Vice-President (Student Experience)