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University of Bath

Student Services FAQs about Coronavirus

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding Student Services and the Coronavirus.

General University Corona updates

The University has a dedicated Coronavirus information page where you can find up to date information about University services, outlets and other provision.

Wellbeing Service

Are you still running daily drop in?

We are currently running a virtual service available every day. You will be able to email an adviser who will get in contact with you to arrange a conversation.

How can I look after my wellbeing whilst socially isolating?

You can find guidance, advice and tips on how to maintain mental wellbeing while at home or are worried and anxious about the outbreak on the NHS wellbeing while staying at home page.

How can I stay active in the University community?

The SU have set up a Corona Community Facebook page and are offering a daily program of activities to keep you in touch with each other. This includes virtual quizzes, exercise classes, cooking and much more.

I have experienced racism or other offensive behaviour directly linked to COVID-19 what should I do?

Please consider telling the University about this using the Report & Support tool. Alternatively, you can seek support from SARI or report directly to your local police by phoning 101.

Counselling and Mental Health

Can I still access counselling and mental health support?

Yes we are currently running a virtual service. If you are already receiving counselling or mental health support, a member of the team will be in contact. If you would like to talk to a member of the Counselling and Mental Health team you can book an initial consultation.

What self help tools are available to help manage my mental health?

We have a web page which lists online resources both directly linked with the pandemic and some apps which target more general anxiety and stress.

Money Advice

How do I get in contact with Student Money Advice if I need to?

Student Money Advice are currently operating a virtual service and can be contacted via phone on 01225 383838 or by email at

If I run out of money what help is available?

In the event of immediate financial assistance you can apply for a Short Term Loan and if your need is likely to be longer term you can apply to the Hardship Fund.

I had a part time job, but due to Covid 19 I have lost income what help can I get?

You may be entitled to ongoing pay from your employer, even if on a zero hours contract. The government has advice on this. While you are awaiting back pay you can apply for an interest free Short Term Loan from the University. If your need is likely to be longer term you can apply to the Hardship Fund.

I am on placement and need financial assistance for living costs or to return home what do I do?

Please speak to your relevant Placement Officer in the first instance and they will direct you to the appropriate support.

Humanities & Social Sciences Placement Team

Science Placement Team

Management Placements Team

We also have a Repatriation Financial Support Package for students who need financial assistance to get home.

Will I have to pay my final rent instalment?

Students in University accommodation have been sent an email which explains the options for the final rent instalment. If you have enquiries about this please contact the Accommodation Office. This University announcement also has information.

Will I either have to pay tuition fees or will I receive a refund this year?

For any enquiries about tuition fees please contact Tuition refund request – COVID-19.

Will I continue to get my Student Maintenance Loan payment on April the 20th?

Yes, as long as the University confirms your attendance then you should still receive your funding in the usual way. There is lots of useful further information regarding how the coronavirus impacts in different ways available from the Student Loans Company and the Scottish Funding Council.

Can I continue to apply for my statutory funding i.e. Maintenance and Tuition Fee loans for the next academic year?

Yes, as far as we are aware you can apply online for your funding for 2020/21.

I am an undergraduate Care Leaver/Estranged/Refugee or Young Adult Carer student. Will I still receive my bursary & additional support from Student Services?

Yes, Ben and Joanna from the Student Retention & Success Team continue to offer advice & support via email, telephone and video call. Eligible students will continue to receive their bursary. If you have any queries or concerns please email and one of them will get in touch.

I'm a Doctoral student and I am worried about my financial situation, can you help?

There is advice on stipends and studentships. You are able to apply to the Hardship fund and you may be entitled to ongoing pay from your employer, even if on a zero hours contract.

Disability Service

Are my Disability Access Plan (DAP) exam arrangements in place?

Assessments have been designed to take into account DAP exam arrangements, but if you have any concerns, in the first instance it is advised that you discuss these with your DoS/Personal Tutor. The Disability Service is also available to help you with any difficulties you might face via

For further information and guidance on how to approach your assessments, please visit the student guide to assessment web page.

What happens with my Disabled Students Allowances (DSAs)/disability support?

Undergraduate and Postgraduate taught Students are usually entitled to receive their disability support until the date of their final exam/assessment of the semester. If you need to receive support after this date you should contact the Disability team via

Unless you are notified otherwise, DSA and University funded disability support (e.g. Specialist Mentoring, Study Skills etc) can continue to take place remotely until this date. If you have an ongoing application for DSA, please continue with this as needs assessments can take place remotely.

Student Immigration and Tier 4

Visit our Student Immigration Service Coronavirus page for updates.

Advice for international students is also available from UKISA (UK council for International Student Affairs)