Doctoral Research Showcase, 2019

Find out what's happening on 10 April and how you can get involved.

Celebrating our doctoral research community

The Doctoral Research Showcase celebrates the breadth and quality of multi-disciplinary doctoral research going on here at Bath.

It brings together two student competitions, Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) and Bake Your Doctorate, along with posters, demonstrations and displays from doctoral researchers.

Whether you decide to take part, or simply come along, the Showcase is your opportunity to share ideas and discoveries with fellow researchers, other students and staff, right across the University.

It's running from 15:00 - 19:30. If you're not based on campus, you can still get involved. See full details in our Guide for Showcase Contributors.

What's involved

Cheer at the 3MT® semi-finals, vote for the best baked PhD, wander through the posters, watch the demos (or give one yourself!) and browse the displays.

The judges talk to doctoral students who have baked their PhDs

Bake your Doctorate.

Bake your Doctorate challenges students to describe their research through the medium of baking. Last year, after much deliberation, the judges awarded Anna Kinsella, (Department of Chemistry) the Panel's Choice Award. Anna's creation used a ferris wheel of cupcakes to represent new and natural ways to form carbon bonds, found in molecules, using non-toxic materials.

Three Minute Thesis semi-finals

Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) is an academic research communication competition developed by The University of Queensland (UQ), Australia. It challenges students to present what would normally be up to 80,000 word thesis in just three minutes. Last year, Kay Fountain from the Department of Biology and Biochemistry was crowned winner. We'll be welcoming students to battle it out for a place at the final in June.

Posters, demonstrations and displays

Alongside the competitions, students will be presenting posters, delivering demonstrations and creating displays to communicate their research. Ideas coming in so far include: a folk music video to explore reflections of military service, a picture to represent how flooding is linked with our feelings and a poster to explain cell signaling in cancer and drug resistance.

Want to take part?

Enter the competitions, make a poster, develop a demo or come up with something entirely different.

Follow the links below to enter the competitions. If you don't fancy 3MT® or baking, why not think about showcasing your research in a different way?

  • make a poster, or dust off one that you've showcased before

  • set up an innovative demonstration, using a robot, research equipment or a game for example

  • showcase an experiment that has the wow factor

  • write a poem, take photos, create something online

Whatever you choose do, as well as meeting lots of other researchers, taking part has loads of benefits. You'll get feedback, find potential collaborators, exchange ideas and experiences, gain valuable presentation and communication skills and get your research centre stage.

Read our Guide for Contributors

Submit an idea for a poster, demonstration or display

Take part in Three Minute Thesis

Take part in Bake Your Doctorate

"People have commented that they wouldn't know where to start in explaining their project, but crystallising your work into a few key points can help to keep you moving in the right direction when times get tough during your PhD." Kay Fountain, Winner 3MT® 2018

"Having to explain research in the form of cake forced me to consider how to best explain what I do for a non-specialist audience. I believe being able to communicate and engage with the public is a very valuable skill for all researchers to develop." Shawn Rood, Community Choice Winner 2018, Bake Your Doctorate

Got a question about the Showcase?

If you want some advice, or to chat through your idea, please get in touch.