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IT Security Best Practice

Learn how to protect your personal data with our cybersecurity best practices.

If you can’t see your screen, lock your machine

Lock your computer/mobile device if you are away from your desk. If you leave your computer unlocked, anyone could walk up to the system and use your access, which is then attributed to you

Be mindful of people around you, who may be watching your screen

Someone watching you type your password and other key information is as good as you writing it down

Never share your account or password with anyone

You are responsible for your own account and what is done with it

Use complex passwords

Strong passwords contain combinations of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. You can change your password using Password Changer. You can store your passwords in an encrypted password vault or service

Report IT security concerns or anything you think is suspicious

If you are concerned or think your personal data has been compromised, report it to our IT Security Team

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