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Motivation and delegation skills

A practical, interactive workshop exploring how to delegate effectively and empower and motivate others to perform to the best of their abilities.

Course overview

2023/24 Semester 1&2 courses: This short course (in-person workshop) will run once each semester.

The ability to motivate and empower teams and to delegate effectively and appropriately is key to any successful people management and leadership role. Understanding what motivates people in our team and how we can use motivation as a strategy to benefit from people's work preference and create a more coherent and effective team is a crucial skill.

This interactive workshop will provide you with the opportunity to take a close look at the art and science of motivation and delegation. Through a series of interactive exercises, you will explore how we can learn more about others' motivators and we can flex our delegation skills to maximise productivity and increase the diversity bonus in our team.

You will be encouraged to create actionable roadmaps in order to apply the principles of motivation and delegation to your own workplace contexts and to use practical skills and models to develop empowered and motivated teams.

During the session you will explore:

  • the benefits of effective delegation, empowerment and motivation
  • key theories of motivation and how to use them in practice
  • how to delegate effectively

Course structure

  • This course will be delivered on campus as an in-person 2 hour session
  • There is a requirement to complete pre-work in advance of attending the in-person session
  • You must be able to commit to all elements

Who should attend

Anyone with responsibility for managing teams and/or individuals


Amin Neghavati, Learning and Organisational Development Manager


Review and complete the pre-work for this course.

This course uses blended learning to make the most of your time. The session focuses on interaction, knowledge sharing and practice, ensuring you have plenty of opportunities to embed learning on the job.

Please note, you will need to complete all accompanying work and come to the session prepared and ready to engage with your colleagues.

The pre-work for this course will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Access the course materials, including pre work.

Intended learning outcomes

Check whether this course meets your development needs.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • describe the benefits of effective delegation and motivation
  • understand what motivates you and the people around you
  • use tools to support effective delegation that results in increased results
  • build motivational drivers into everyday task setting and create a culture where understanding individual motivators is truly valued

Key management behaviours

Review how this course will help you to develop skills and knowledge.

This course will help you to:

  • build a strong, cohesive and balanced team
  • delegate effectively with clear objectives and empowers decision making

Related online learning and resources

Access online tools and support on-demand.

Book or cancel your place using ESS

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Discussing your learning and development with your line manager

We assume that if you need permission or agreement to attend this course you will have arranged this before booking. To ensure the training is suitable and your learning can be transferred back to the workplace, you should also have discussed the following with your line manager:

  • how this training will help to deliver your individual or team goals
  • the expected outcomes (what is expected to change or improve as a result)
  • any support required post-course to enable you to transfer your learning back to the workplace

Your manager will receive an automated notification when you book or cancel a place on a course using ESS.

Book your place

You must book your place using Employee Self-Service (ESS). Places will be available to book on self-service up to 24 hours before the course, to allow for participants to complete the required pre-work. Download instructions on how to book your place using ESS.

The session will be delivered in-person.

Please note that we do not hold a waiting list for this course.

Cancel your place

You can cancel your place using Employee Self-Service (ESS). Download instructions on how to cancel your place using ESS.

Please cancel your place as early as possible (and at least three days in advance) to allow others to book instead.

Course date

  • tbc

Booking details

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