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Recruitment and selection for panel members

Find out more about the course and understand how to review pre-work, use the corresponding online tools and access the webinar.

Course overview

An overview of the University's policies and procedures for recruitment and selection, and your legal responsibilities.

This webinar focuses on the University's approach to recruitment and selection. The content is designed to help you recruit and select candidates effectively − ensuring the very best talent is identified, selected and inducted.

Before you start the training

If you haven't already completed the pre-reading required for this course, please leave the webinar and read:

This course focuses on a structured, systematic approach to recruitment and selection with an emphasis on University policies and procedures. Particular attention will be paid to your understanding of the legal responsibilities and the content is designed to complement the our online learning courses Diversity in the Workplace and Unconscious Bias which are recommended to all staff, particularly managers.

Please note, this course focuses on the procedural aspects of the recruitment process and does not cover interview skills as part of the session. Additional guidance and tips can be found within the Development Toolkit and Staff Recruitment Resources

Who should complete this training

This course is mandatory if you are:

  • the chair of any interview panel
  • an interview panel member for academic positions

This course is recommended if you are:

  • an interview panel member for non-academic positions

Recruitment and selection for panel members (refresher module)

If you have completed the training previously but not in the last five years, you will be required to complete the 'refresher module' (this is a requirement of the Athena Swan action plan) which provides an overview of the responsibilities and actions at each stage of the interview process.


Review and complete pre-work for this course.

Intended learning outcomes

Check whether this course meets your development needs.

After attending this course you will be able to:

  • identify and outline the legislative context of the recruitment process and reflect on the implications to your role at each stage

  • identify and follow the main steps involved in the recruitment process

  • describe the responsibilities you need to carry out at each step of the process

  • know where to go to for information and help

Effective Behaviours Framework (EBF)

Review how this course will help you to develop skills and knowledge in relation to the EBF behavioural groups.

The Effective Behaviours Framework (EBF) has nine key behavioural areas. The three key behaviours related to this course are:

  • using resources effectively
  • delivering self and others
  • working together

Please note that attending the course does not provide evidence of achieving these behaviours. You will need to demonstrate them by applying your skills and knowledge.

Related online learning and resources

Access online tools and support on-demand.

To access the online module

Please click on the course link to the webinar on Moodle. You will be required to self-enrol using the enrolment key password 'recruit'.

Once you have completed the webinar, your career development record will be automatically updated.


If you have any questions, please contact us.