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Scholarships: the gift of opportunity

“The scholarship has enabled me to live like any other student” Gold Scholar

Students now face higher fees and living costs than ever before, making scholarships all the more essential. Thanks to you, over 100 young people per year begin their studies with a scholarship and the knowledge that someone believes in them. “Thank you for levelling the playing field,” wrote one student. “I promise your faith is not put in the wrong hands.”

Some scholarships are created through donations from alumni and friends, either individually or collectively through the Alumni Fund. One of our longest-running programmes is the Brian and Margaret Roper Scholarship Fund, which has supported nearly 200 students from low-income backgrounds.

In 2017, we established the Gold Scholarship Programme, which not only provides financial support, but also helps students to develop the skills, knowledge, experience and social capital needed to maximise their Bath experience. Other scholarships come from organisations such as BLDA Architects, Lloyds, J.P. Morgan, AB InBev and Santander Universities, encouraging students to excel in everything from science to sport.

Thank you to everyone who has helped students to fulfil their potential at Bath.

Your support matters

“Why have I decided to support a Gold Scholarship? I am the son of a coal miner and a shop assistant. I have been lucky to have been given opportunities in life and it’s important to recognise that and give others the chance to be so lucky”

– Alumnus and donor Simon Muderack

462 scholars are currently studying at Bath, thanks to you

More than money

Giving students a valuable network

Giving something back

Each year our Gold Scholars carry out thousands hours of volunteering in the local community and beyond, from helping charities such as FoodCycle and Bath Marrow, to peer mentoring and getting involved in conservation projects. It’s a great way to gain valuable experience, meet new people and give something back to the community.

As one scholar says: “Volunteering has given me the confidence to make the most of my time here at Bath.” Thank you for supporting them so that they can support others.

Graduating to success

Research shows that graduates from disadvantaged backgrounds earn less than peers from high-income families, even after studying the same course at the same institution. Alumni and friends are helping to change that. By volunteering as mentors on the Gold Scholarship Programme or online via Bath Connection, you have become the network they never had.

“Coming from a family where no one has attended university, I felt like a fish out of water,” says one of our Gold Scholars. “Meeting individuals who have been successful in their careers and have come from a similar background to me has given me some much-needed self-confidence.”

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