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Student Prize Winners

Awarded July 2020

Faculty of Engineering & Design

Student prizes 2020

Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering

Basil Spence Prize
Curtis Mowlem
Tsz Yung Yoyo Wong
Michael Tsang
Matthew Dodd
Sweta Sanker
Lilya McGinley

Charlie Wymer Prize
Alexander William Mead

Enrico Fodde Prize
Bradley Smith

Hoare Lea Prize
Esther Moa Shu Qi

Institution of Civil Engineers Prize
Kieran Daniel Beausire

Institution of Structural Engineers Francis Memorial Prize
Kieran Daniel Beausire

Department of Chemical Engineering

Air Products Prize
Samuel Thomas Thompson

Carol Lawrenson Award
Joseph Patrick Mcmullen

IChemE Book Prize
Lauren Davies

Malcolm Irvine Prize
Lauren Davies
Laura Kondrataviciute

Unilever Product Design Prize
Matthew Wheeler
Ihab Mohamed
Chloe Smithers
Laurens Robert Overtoom
Cendy Yeun Yee Lim
Jin Hoong Ta
David Kristensen
Thomas James Wishart
Connor Llywelyn Wright
Oliver Edwards
Joseph Patrick Mcmullen
Jamie Tamtekin
Stanley Soulsby

Wessex Water Prize for Best Placement Poster
Timothy Michael Spendla Roberts

Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering

Outstanding Achievement in Final Year
Matthew Richard Cotton

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Armourers & Brasiers
Thomas Albert Maierhofer

Crown Europe Prize
Jorge Miarnau Marin

Dean’s Prize
Varun Shankar

Final Year Poster Prize -1st
Thomas Alexander Burns

Final Year Poster Prize - 2nd
Akaash Bhardwaj-Patel

Final Year Poster Prize - 3rd
Michael Nathan Beech

Formula Student Prize
Charlie Ben Gomersall

Frank Wallace Memorial Prize
Andrea Festa

HMGCC Design Prize
Laura Carnegie-Brown

IET Prize
Thomas William Elliott

IMechE Frederic Barnes Waldron Prize
Thomas James Elliott

IMechE Project Award
Charles Metcalfe

Joseph Black Prize
Jeremy White

RAeS Royal Aeronautical Prize
Adam Conner

Thornton Memorial Prize
Maria Carnarius

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Student prizes 2020

Department of Economics

The Andrew Duke Prize in Economics and Politics
Juan Tamames Grech

The Neil Farmery Prize in Economics
Josephine Rachel Davies

The Sandford Prize
Lewis Peter Strannigan and Luke Appleton

Department of Education

Dr Robert Horton Prize
Gabriel Diaz Maggioli

International Baccalaureate Prize for Education
Neil James Keating

Keith Bishop Prize
Vishani Modha, Amelia Rees and Samantha Grace Pennington

The Austwick Prize
Julie Dawn Male

The Jeff Thompson Prize
Andrea Nichole Neubauer and Martha Jane Ross

Department for Health

Aki Salo Prize
Benjamin Jonathan Narang

BASEM Award for Academic Excellence
Thomas Cartledge

BASEM Dissertation Award
Amelie Green

David Wilkinson Prize
Lucy Hannah Merrell

Dep Prize for Excellence in Health and Exercise
Rory Bott

Running Bath Prize
Eleanor Drake

Sports Integrated Prize
Olivia Sophie Malkowski

Sport & Social Sciences Award for Academic Excellence
Jack Clark

Sport & Social Sciences Award for Academic Innovation
Georgina Cairns

The Qualisys Prize
Joshua Carter

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences cont.

Student prizes 2020

Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies

Brian Lambert Prize for Latin American Studies
Jacob Viner and Emilie Smith

Departmental Prize for the best overall performance
Ffion Jessica Roberts

Pricewaterhousecooper's Prize
Monique Lloyd-Davies

Prize for Best Essay in the Target Language (French)
Joel Oskar Hartikainen

Prize for Best Essay in the Target Language (German)
James Green

Prize for Best Essay in the Target Language (Italian)
Lucie Sylvie Pichierri

Prize for Best Essay in the Target Language (Russian)
Victoria Anne Maher

Prize for Best Essay in the Target Language (Spanish)
Olena Maria Strzelbicka

Rhode & Schwarz Prize for IMML Work Placement
Alice Elizabeth Harvey

The Elkin Prize
Adrian Rodriguez-Sobstel

The Tolstoy Prize
Hannah Kilburn

Department of Psychology

The British Psychological Society Prize for the highest overall average mark in a BSc programme
Mila Lytherao

The Psychology MSci Prize for the highest overall mark in an MSci programme
Joshua Tenn

The Advanced Psychology Dissertation Prize mark for the highest MSci dissertation mark
Emily Johnstone

The Applied Psychology Dissertation Prize for the highest BSc dissertation mark
Laurie Clark

The Psychology Dissertation Prize for the highest BSc dissertation
Nicole Marshall

The Michael McCready AT-Autism Prize Charlotte Birch and Mila Lytherao

Department of Social & Policy Sciences

The Geof Wood Prize for International Development
Esther Isabel Edwards

The Jane Millar Prize for Excellence in Research
Adam Robinson

The Nancy Burton Prize
Shannon Marie Anthony

The Peter Cressey Prize for Sociology
Abigail Kira Thornton

The Prize for Excellence in Social Policy and Social Sciences
Adam Robinson

School of Management

Student prizes 2020

Accenture Prize
Fehd Marrakchi
Nikolaos Emmanuel Rigas
Alexandra Ivona Mihaescu
Grant Ricky Barnes
Mathieu Morand-Duval
Hadrien Uyttenhoven

Bryony Charlotte Walsh

BMT Hi-Q Sigma Prize for Best Overall Student on BSc in Management full-time Programme
Alasdair Joseph Denby

BMW Prize
Keiran Shergill

CIL Management Consultants Prize
Laura Reid

Dean's List
Laura Reid
Monique Lloyd-Davies
Olivia Kate Thomas
Flóra Éva Nyisztor
Alasdair Joseph Denby
Bryony Charlotte Walsh
Keiran Shergill
Lauren Sum-Wai Yung
Alice Killen
Sidharth Ranjith

L’Oreal Prize
Lauren Sum-Wai Yung

PricewaterhouseCoopers Prize
Alice Killen

PWC Prize for Best Overall Performance
Sidharth Ranjith

Faculty of Science

Student prizes 2020

Department of Biology & Biochemistry

Bill Whish Prize
Luca Cericola

Broadbent Prize
Emily Ashwin
Anna Caitlin Dally
Madeleine Jane Twyning
Abigail Crowden

Catherine Memorial Prize
Claire Louise Pike

Goold-Adams Prize
Holly Ellard

Keith Moore Prize
Catherine Rebecca Parry
Harrison Maund

Lonza Prize
Luca Cericola

Microbiology Society Prize
Harold John Wickens

Oxford University Press Prize
Guillaume Vitry

Royal Society of Biology Top Student Award
Mara Gerhardt

The Robert Eisenthal Prize
Oliver Cooksey
Eszter Valeria Lodinsky
Amy Louise Napier
Elle Campbell

Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry Prize for the best BSc student
Roxanne Blue Ryan

Infinium Prize for Final Year Project
Chloe-Louise Johnson

RW Bolland
Harriet Jade Elvins

The Buchanan Prize
Yasmin Claire Blackwell

Department of Computer Science

Computing Group Prize
Manav Gupta

Department of Computer Science Prize for the contribution to the life & reputation of the Department
Annette Aartha Reid

Nigel J Day Prize in Computing
Yusuf Sadeq Ebrahim Mohamed Ebrahim Alakram

Department of Mathematical Sciences

David Powell Prize
Matthew George Foster

F H Jackson Prize
Sachin Aman Janagal

IMA Prize
Christian Alexander Jones Louise Bruffell

James Duthie Prize
Krunoslav Lehman Pavasovic

Department of Natural Sciences

Faculty of Science Prize for best BSc Student Performance in Natural Sciences
Marc John Kennedy
Budd Crooks
Sarah Anne Ronchetti

Faculty of Science Prize for best MSci Student Performance in Natural Sciences
Alasdair Paul Tew

Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology

Best Industrial Placement Report Prize
Guy Williams

Best Overall Finalist Pharmacology Az
Guy Williams

Boots Prize
Jessica Emily Ann Collins

CoAcS Prize
Jemima Poppy Smallwood

George Moore Prize
Daniel Thorpe

Mundipharma (Best Project)
Ioana Gherghescu

P H Redfern Prize
Eunice Amma Adutwumwaa

The Day Lewis Pharmacy Prize
Sara Katrina Moslem

Department of Physics

Ayliffe Prize 2020
Tara Vyas