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One of our International Ambassadors shares her Bath memories, top careers tips and the value of networking.

Preet Sangvhi

Preet Sanghvi (MSc Marketing 2013) is co-founder of food curation company Gourmet Tales Co and a freelance marketing consultant and strategist based in Mumbai, India.

Preet in Bath

Preet Sanghvi

As one of our International Ambassadors on Bath Connection, Preet offers advice to postgraduate offer-holders about studying at Bath.

What are your favourite memories of your time in Bath?

Every minute in Bath is a memory for me – from taking the bus up to campus, to the classes. I particularly miss the study and discussion sessions. One of my favourite memories is organising the graduation ball in 2013!

What was the best thing about being an international student?

The fact that you have so much to explore, and the interactions you have with other international students. I made long-lasting friendships with people around the world and have learnt so much from them. It was amazing to share each other’s experience, cultures and expertise.

What led you to become one of our International Ambassadors?

I was an active member of various committees and organised a lot of events during my year in Bath. My time at the University taught me to become an extrovert, be more socially active, participate in events and network with people. As a result, I’ve regularly attended alumni events in the UAE and India since graduating and so was approached by the University to become an Ambassador – I couldn’t have been happier to take it up.

I love this University and am a spokesperson for it everywhere. A lot of students, especially from India, consider Bath every year and they have a lot of questions. They can relate to someone from their country, so it feels great to be advising and helping them out!

What do you enjoy about being an Ambassador?

I enjoy sharing my experience and giving prospective students a very practical and honest review of what life in Bath looks like, as well as helping them with their career paths. I also enjoy networking and meeting new people. I love being associated with the University in every possible way to give back to Bath.

Are there any interesting questions you’ve been asked by offer-holders?

A lot of students often ask about how life at Bath helped me to grow not just professionally but also personally. I also get asked a lot about career prospects in the UK following a master’s.

What would be your top piece of advice for someone starting out in their career?

Try gaining experience in your field, whether that’s professionally or via extracurricular activities to really understand whether you like what you’re getting into. And don’t just bank on bookish knowledge – get out in the world, network with people from your field and share your knowledge!

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This article was edited by Emma Davies for BA2 Issue 28, published August 2020.