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Working with the latest technologies in mechatronics

Konrad Pyrzanowski will graduate with an MSc in Mechatronics in 2017. He tells us about his experience of studying at Bath and what he plans to do next.

Konrad works on a reprap 3d printer in a computer laboratory
Students can design and build their own reprap 3D printers on our course

Bath’s reputation as a top university in the UK was definitely a factor for choosing to study my master’s here. Also the Department of Mechanical Engineering ranks highly for research and student satisfaction.

Looking into the Mechatronics course in more detail assured me that it would enable me to pursue my interests. I’ve been able to explore this field of engineering in more depth than ever before. For example, the taught modules combine technical subjects with other fields such as project management or more business-oriented pieces of work.

While the course is more demanding than an undergraduate degree, the work is also much more rewarding. And because the course is innovative we often work on the most up-to-date technologies including artificial intelligence and modern product design. I’ve found the lecturers are very passionate about their work and have an incredible amount of expertise to share. At the same time, they are helpful and always approachable.

A lot of the modules take the approach of simulating a problem one could encounter while working in industry. The set challenges are often open-ended. Projects such as the group product design activity, enable us to share our knowledge and discuss ideas with other students.

Looking ahead

When I graduate, I am planning to work in the industry. I want to focus on autonomous systems, such as drones or self-driving cars. Eventually, I would like to become a Chartered Engineer. I know the skills I have gained while doing my MSc at Bath will help me achieve this goal.

‘I know the skills I have gained while doing my MSc at Bath will help me achieve the goal of becoming a Chartered Engineer’
Konrad Pyrzanowski MSc Mechatronics (2017)