CAMERA studio

The studio of the Centre for the Analysis of Motion, Entertainment Research and Applications (CAMERA) contains state of the art video and motion capture technology.

The CAMERA Studio is available for researchers and their students, and also for industry.

Go to the CAMERA website to find out more.

Lovelace Lab

The Lovelace Lab is a collaborative work space for making, exploring and sharing projects using high tech to no tech tools. The lab has a variety of maker equipment including 3D printers, soldering irons, Arduino Kits and even a sewing machine.

The Lovelace lab can be accessed by researchers, teachers and students. People need to participate in a training session (arranged from time to time and on demand) before getting access.

Email to request access or go to the Made in Bath website to find out more.

Human-Computer Interaction Lab

The Human-Computer Interaction Lab includes a high-frequency eye gaze tracker, panoramic screen, and multi-channel video recording system.

The Human-Computer Interaction Lab can be accessed by Computer Science researchers and their project students. Students need to arrange access through their supervisors.

Email our department coordinator to request access.

Balena High Performance Computing cluster

There are a wide range of applications and software available on the central machine. You can use the service to get through masses of data quickly (capacity computing) or run large simulations or models over a number of servers (capability computing).

All researchers and academics at the University can use the HPC service.

Go to the Balena website to find out more.