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Visio - Make flowcharts, floor plans and many other diagrams

Learn how to use Microsoft Visio to create flow charts, process diagrams, and organisation charts to simplify and communicate complex information visually.


When to use Visio

Visio is a Microsoft product which allows you to easily organise and structure complex information. It's primarily used to create:

  • flow charts.
  • process diagrams.
  • organisation charts.

How to access Visio

There are a number of ways you can access Visio, depending on the device you are using, and whether you wish to use the web app or desktop app:

  • searching for 'Visio' App within the "Start Menu" if you are using a University-managed device
  • accessing the Visio App through UniDesk, if you are using a personal device
  • accessing the web app through the app launcher within

Access online guidance and resources

Within the app, click the 'Help' tab within the ribbon, and select either 'Help' or 'Show training' to view a menu of related guidance and resources.

You can also view videos and step by step guidance within Microsoft's dedicated training page for Visio.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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