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Bath-Bristol Probability Colloquium

The Bath-Bristol Probability Colloquium runs roughly twice a year, with distinguished speakers giving talks in both cities.

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Speakers are invited jointly by the probability groups in Bath and Bristol.

Future speakers

14 Oct 2019 - Jeff Steif, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg
Title and abstract to appear

12 Mar 2020 - Beatrice de Tilière, Université Paris Dauphine
Title and abstract to appear

Past speakers


Paolo dai Pra, University of Padova
Rhythmic behavior in complex stochastic dynamics (Bath)
Thermodynamic limit and phase transitions in non-cooperative games: some mean-field examples (Bristol)


Thierry Bodineau, École Polytechnique
Large time asymptotics of a hard sphere gas close to equilibrium (Bath)
Perturbative regimes for deterministic dynamics of a diluted gas of hard spheres (Bristol)

Fredrik Viklund, KTH, Stockholm
Loop-erased walk and natural parametrization (Bath)
Convergence of loop-erased walk in the natural parametrization (Bristol)

Anja Sturm, University of Goettingen
On classifying genealogies for general (diploid) exchangeable population models (Bath/Bristol)

Previous speakers

Cristina Toninelli, Jean-Dominique Deuschel, Ryoki Fukushima, Patricia Goncalves, Milton Jara, Herman Thorrison, Laurent Tournier, Jan Swart, Erwin Bolthausen, Tom Mountford, Lorenzo Zambotti, Oriane Blondel, Takashi Kumagai, Krzysztof Burdzy, Ofer Zeitouni, Jason Schweinsberg, Alain-Sol Sznitman, Nina Gantert, Marc Lelarge, Frank Redig.

General information

Typically one seminar is at the University of Bristol on a Friday, and another at the University of Bath on the following Monday.

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The organisers of the seminars are:
Ofer Busani (Bristol)
Tyler Helmuth (Bristol)
Cécile Mailler (Bath)
Marcel Ortgiese (Bath)