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Change your name, gender and pronouns as a graduate (or former student)

How to change your record to reflect a change in your identity, and when we would normally reissue official documents.

Please follow the guidance on this page to request that we change your details.

If you are a current student, please read our guide to changing your details.

Degree Certificates and other formal documentation

Change of name by deed poll or other legal process that is not related to gender

We do not reissue your award certificate if you change your name due to marriage or if you use a different name professionally after you have completed your studies. Please email Academic Registry, if you feel have exceptional circumstances.

Change of gender because you are transitioning (or have already done so)

Once you have graduated, if you inform us that you have (or have plans to) permanently change your gender and this has resulted in a change of your name, we can change the legal name held on your student record or produce documentation such as academic transcripts or award certificates in your new name. If this applies to you, then you can contact us by emailing the Director of Academic Registry,, including details of your previous name (so we can match your request to our records) and, where possible, accompanying evidence such as proof of your previous name and your new name. We will also discuss with you if you would like us to remove your old name and gender from our records.

Development & Alumni Relations records

If you do not need to change your name on official documents that have been issued to you by the University, you may change your name and/or gender on your alumni record by emailing Development and Alumni Relations,

Data confidentiality

Please note that all data held by the University of Bath in connection with any change of name will be treated in confidence and will never be disclosed to a third party without your permission.

Any problems

We are currently developing our approach to how we store and use your name information across the University. If you have any questions or have found changes have not been made as you expected (and as set out on this page), please contact Academic Registry,