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University of Bath

Getting your certificate

Find out how to get your certificate if you have recently finished your course.

When certificates are released

Currently the University confers awards four times a year. Conferment follows Board of Studies approval, and normally takes place in April, June, August and November.

If your award would normally be conferred in June or November your certificate will normally be released around the time of the summer and winter ceremonies.

If your award would normally be conferred in April or August, Academic Registry will send you a certificate release form by email and you can choose to have your certificate sent to you, rather than waiting for it to be released around the time of the next ceremony.

What has changed this year

Because of the situation with COVID-19, the 2020 award ceremonies have been postponed.

The main assessment and supplementary assessment periods have been extended, which means that Boards of Studies are meeting later than normal.

In turn this means that conferment is taking place slightly later and consequently certificates are being sent out later than usual.

How to get your certificate in 2020

Read our announcement about our December 2020 ceremonies to find out how we'll contact you about your certificate.

Verifying your award

If you want to show an external organisation (an employer, or government organisation, for example) that your award has been approved by a Board of Studies before it has been conferred (and before your certificate has been sent to you), you can request an “award verification letter” from Academic Registry by emailing, after your results have been released.