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Getting your certificate

Find out how to get your certificate if you have recently finished your course.

Awarding degrees & producing certificates

As a student comes to the end of their course, a Board of Studies in their respective Faculty, the School of Management or the Doctoral College will meet to consider the approval of their award.

Once the Boards of Studies have taken place, the awards they have approved are conferred, on behalf of the University, in accordance with our Charter and Statutes.

Following conferral, we're able to produce and make certificates available.

If you're not sure at which Board of Studies meeting your award will be considered for approval, contact your Department or, if you're a Doctoral student, the Doctoral College.

How you'll get your certificate

Once your award has been conferred, we'll arrange for your certificate to be posted to the address of your choice. If you haven’t already provided your details, we'll contact you to confirm your address for postage.

  • If your address is within the UK, your certificate will be sent using first-class Royal Mail.

  • If your address is overseas, your certificate will be sent using DHL.

We aim to have certificates ready for posting 28 days after the date of the Board of Studies. Please be aware that we're currently working remotely due to Covid-19 so there may be a delay in getting your certificate printed and posted. However, we are working to reduce waiting times wherever possible.

You're not able to collect your certificate in person due to Covid-19 restrictions.

If you need to get proof that your award has been approved before you’ve received your certificate read the section Proof of your award below.

Proof of your award

If you want to show an external organisation (an employer, or government organisation, for example) that your award has been approved by a Board of Studies before you’ve received your certificate, you can request an “award verification letter” from Academic Registry. You can do this by emailing, once your final award is confirmed on SAMIS or when you know the Board of Studies has approved your award.

If you need a copy of your certificate

If you’d like to get a duplicate certificate or an endorsed/certified copy of your certificate (for example, if it’s been damaged or lost in the post) follow the instructions in our guide Get a copy of your certificate.