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Coursework extensions for 2020/21

The additional measures we've put in place if you need to request a coursework extension in 2020/21.

No-detriment and coursework assessments

If you find that your circumstances are so disrupted that you are struggling to complete your coursework assessment on time, you’ll be able to apply for an extension to your submission deadline. It's important that you take action as soon as you suspect you may have problems, and before the assessment is due. You should use your Department/Faculty/School procedures to do this.

This year, under no-detriment measures, we've introduced more flexible evidence requirements for coursework extensions. This means that, in the majority of cases, you won't be asked for evidence, but you will be asked about your reasons for needing an extension. This will ensure the length of the extension is appropriate and that you are signposted to any additional support you may need. If you are asked for evidence, but you have difficulty providing it, you should raise this as soon as possible.

Please note that while we are taking a more flexible approach to coursework deadline extensions under no-detriment, there may be reasons why it's not appropriate to grant one to you. This could be:

  • because of the format of the assessment you are taking
  • the learning outcomes it is testing
  • in fairness to the rest of your cohort

You should speak to your Director of Studies immediately if:

  • you are not granted an extension, or
  • you have been granted an extension, but you subsequently realise it’s still not long enough to help, given your disrupted circumstances

If there is any chance you will not submit on time then you should speak to your Director of Studies, before your submission deadline, to understand your options.

It’s important that you are aware that:

  • If you have not been granted an extension, the normal deadline will apply
  • If you do not submit your coursework by your deadline—whether it has been extended or not—there will be penalties. The penalties for missing your coursework deadline are as follows, as set out in Quality Assurance Code of Practice Statement 16:
    • Coursework submitted after the deadline without prior approval will normally receive a maximum mark of 40% or the relevant pass mark
    • Coursework that is handed in after five working days, without prior approval, will normally receive a mark of zero

Some coursework has a scheduled time rather than a submission deadline because it is more event-based (for example, an in-class test or a presentation). If you think you'll have difficulty making your attempt at the normal time, you should speak to your Director of Studies, before the time of your scheduled assessment, about your options. They might include deferring the attempt to another time.

It will be important for you to consider how changed deadlines might affect your ability to work to other deadlines and the timing of University decisions about your academic outcomes and progress. Your personal tutor or Director of Studies can discuss these points with you.

Technical issues

If you have completed your coursework and technical issues prevent you from submitting before the deadline, you should contact your Director of Studies.

Individual Mitigating Circumstances (IMCs)

You can still submit an IMC claim whether or not you've been granted an extension or submitted your assessment.

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